Peace and Hope

Posted On December 31, 2006

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I was looking around on the net and found this

peace-will-come.jpg(click on photo)

I like it because to me it not only speaks of peace which I am praying for, for 2007 but also of a hope that prayer will be answered


Loo Paper

Posted On December 30, 2006

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This product was first appeared in China during the 14th Century. In 1857 the first factory solely making loo paper came into existence. It was run by Joseph Gayetty and his name was printed on every sheet.   10 years later loo paper similar to what we have today was successfully marketed it was on a roll and had perforated paper it was sold from a push cart by the American brothers Thomas, Edward and Clarence Scott.  In 2003 worldwide annual sales topped $19 billion now that sure is a lot of bottom wiping loo paper.

Want to know more?  Does this interest you?

Admit it and go to check out this website 



Posted On December 30, 2006

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Today Muzz invited us out to lunch as we were getting ready to go Daniel had other thoughts. As I was getting my washing in as it looked overcast Mr Smarty crawled/climbed out the open side door and fully clothed decided hed much rather playing in his pool. “Pool” “pool” “pool” he kept telling me. I kept saying to him “But were going out to lunch with daddy” LOL. I eventually changed his clothes and nappy and off we went.


However, my car was full of recycling boxes awaiting a trip to the recycling place and he decided to play with them. He thought it would be fun and helpful – I didnt – I thought it could get dangerous for me to drive safely. So I decided I had better drop them at the recycling place before we got to daddy’s – well everyone in the Hawkes Bay had decided to do their recycling too – Id never seen the place so busy.


Eventually we got to Daddy’s and out to lunch followed by a walk around a park that has ducks. It was a very nice afternoon. Thanks Muzz 🙂

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Something to be grateful for

Posted On December 29, 2006

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This year has been hard. Something I can be grateful for is the way God keeps pulling me back to Him. Putting this song in my head and reminding me He’s there and will never leave or forsake me.

Have Faith in God – Geoff Bullock

(verse 1)

Oh Lord you lead me

By the still waters

Quietly restoring my soul

You speak words of wisdom

The promise of glory

The power of the presence of God



Have faith in God

Let your hope rest on the faith

He has placed on your heart

Never give up

Never let go of the faith

He has placed in your heart


(Verse 2)

Oh Lord you guide me

Through all the darkness

Turning my nights into days

And you’ll never leave me

Never forsake me

The power of the presence of God

(Repeat chorus)


Thanks Lord

its reassuring to be able to lean on Him

especially when Hes adamant that I do so.

If you want to hear a sample of the song here is a link

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Out to Dinner

Tonight Muzz took us out to dinner. Daniel was really good. I didnt know he would sit on the picnic rug as long as he did – hes use to sitting in his highchair to eat. He sat and ate his kids burger and a few chips really well and watched the canoers and jet skiers. After we had finished eating we went and found out about the canoeing club but it was too too expensive. One day Id love to owe a canoe of my own. Ive tried it a couple of times in the past on a river and in the sea. I love it so relaxing. beef-burger.jpgriver.jpg

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This Afternoon

Posted On December 28, 2006

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Billy went on holiday. His granddad lives in Timaru and Billy goes there for the Christmas holidays annually. He’s staying a week. It was interesting to Daniel how his bug bro got on a big airplane. Daniel watched with great interest. He even waved and waved.


Im so excited!!!!

Posted On December 28, 2006

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Its all very well changing blogs but you have to know what youre doing. I so wanted to post earlier but I couldnt – well not the way I was use to. Finally I decided to ask for some help from the wordpress forum and the guy who answered my question knew exactly what the problem was. So if you belong to wordpress and have a problem ask them there – I can guarantee it. ceramicsmiley.jpg

Muzz wondered what had happened when I started dancing around the lounge LOL. The thing is I enjoy blogging and now I can againceramicsmiley.jpg

Now I can post the rest of the photos that I took yesterday of Daniel and his new desk

daniels-new-desk6.jpgdaniels-new-desk7.jpg daniels-new-desk5.jpg daniels-new-desk4.jpg daniels-new-desk3.jpg


Posted On December 27, 2006

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I had a problem with my old blog so here I am

whats with the name??? well
I often pray for my bloggy friends
and the other day one of them suggested I change my name to Prayer Warrior
I cant really claim to be the best prayer around
I do pray as I read your blogs especially if I feels its needed
so welcome to my new blog