Im so excited!!!!

Posted On December 28, 2006

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Its all very well changing blogs but you have to know what youre doing. I so wanted to post earlier but I couldnt – well not the way I was use to. Finally I decided to ask for some help from the wordpress forum and the guy who answered my question knew exactly what the problem was. So if you belong to wordpress and have a problem ask them there – I can guarantee it. ceramicsmiley.jpg

Muzz wondered what had happened when I started dancing around the lounge LOL. The thing is I enjoy blogging and now I can againceramicsmiley.jpg

Now I can post the rest of the photos that I took yesterday of Daniel and his new desk

daniels-new-desk6.jpgdaniels-new-desk7.jpg daniels-new-desk5.jpg daniels-new-desk4.jpg daniels-new-desk3.jpg


4 Responses to “Im so excited!!!!”

  1. Amy

    what neat photos! Isn’t it funny how dads have as much fun with the kids toys as the kids do?

  2. jenz

    I think its cool when Dads really play with thier kids
    and it was real funny how Daniel was amazed at how the desk lid would open and shut

  3. Japangela

    Why is his face covered with smileys?

  4. jenz

    Japangela welcome my friend
    Im really pleased your here
    if you like I could send you a photo of Daniel without his identity protected

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