Out to Dinner

Tonight Muzz took us out to dinner. Daniel was really good. I didnt know he would sit on the picnic rug as long as he did – hes use to sitting in his highchair to eat. He sat and ate his kids burger and a few chips really well and watched the canoers and jet skiers. After we had finished eating we went and found out about the canoeing club but it was too too expensive. One day Id love to owe a canoe of my own. Ive tried it a couple of times in the past on a river and in the sea. I love it so relaxing. beef-burger.jpgriver.jpg

Ive decided to finish My 12 Days of Christmas posts so if you want to read the rest of these posts go here


3 Responses to “Out to Dinner”

  1. supermom

    Welcome to your new blog home

  2. Jana

    Okay girly, I added this one to my bloglines account! (I tried that with your last blog but not sure what happened… it never told me that you updated, which was kinda wierd.)

    Anyway, thanks for all the sweet comments you’ve left on my blog. They mean SO much to me!!!!

  3. jenz

    thnaks Supermom
    your welcome Jana

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