Something to be grateful for

Posted On December 29, 2006

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This year has been hard. Something I can be grateful for is the way God keeps pulling me back to Him. Putting this song in my head and reminding me He’s there and will never leave or forsake me.

Have Faith in God – Geoff Bullock

(verse 1)

Oh Lord you lead me

By the still waters

Quietly restoring my soul

You speak words of wisdom

The promise of glory

The power of the presence of God



Have faith in God

Let your hope rest on the faith

He has placed on your heart

Never give up

Never let go of the faith

He has placed in your heart


(Verse 2)

Oh Lord you guide me

Through all the darkness

Turning my nights into days

And you’ll never leave me

Never forsake me

The power of the presence of God

(Repeat chorus)


Thanks Lord

its reassuring to be able to lean on Him

especially when Hes adamant that I do so.

If you want to hear a sample of the song here is a link

My 12 days of Christmas are still here 


5 Responses to “Something to be grateful for”

  1. Jana

    Yeah, I love how God does that… he’s so faithful when we’re too weak to reach out to him.

    *hugs* Hope the next year is much better for you!

  2. jenz

    He has never done it in quite this way before. Hes persistant!! 🙂
    thanks my dear friend
    Im praying next year is better it has to be
    big hug 🙂

  3. Leticia

    I hope next year will be a more fulfilling and blessed year for you and your family.

  4. Susanne

    Beautiful song Jen. Is this where your blog is now, because your name in my comments still links to the other?

    Have a wonderful New Year! May God richly bless you with love, joy and peace in 2007!


  5. jenz

    thanks Leticia and Susanne

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