Posted On December 30, 2006

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Today Muzz invited us out to lunch as we were getting ready to go Daniel had other thoughts. As I was getting my washing in as it looked overcast Mr Smarty crawled/climbed out the open side door and fully clothed decided hed much rather playing in his pool. “Pool” “pool” “pool” he kept telling me. I kept saying to him “But were going out to lunch with daddy” LOL. I eventually changed his clothes and nappy and off we went.


However, my car was full of recycling boxes awaiting a trip to the recycling place and he decided to play with them. He thought it would be fun and helpful – I didnt – I thought it could get dangerous for me to drive safely. So I decided I had better drop them at the recycling place before we got to daddy’s – well everyone in the Hawkes Bay had decided to do their recycling too – Id never seen the place so busy.


Eventually we got to Daddy’s and out to lunch followed by a walk around a park that has ducks. It was a very nice afternoon. Thanks Muzz 🙂

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5 Responses to ““Pool””

  1. Beckie

    WOW! Must be a lot warmer there than it is here! Thanks for visiting me at http://homefries7.blogspot.com/

  2. melissa

    enjoyed taking a look around your new blog. lovely photos.

  3. jenz

    Beckie we are in our summer here in New Zealand

    thanks Melissa

  4. Amy

    I’m glad you were watching him, I bet he loves that pool!

  5. jenz

    he does and I have to watch him like a hawk now
    hes into everything and hes not even walking yet LOL
    my clothes line is right by the deck where his pool is so I was right there

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