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Amy as she lets go of past hurts and forgives

Melany shes seriously stressed at the moment I pray she can get some peace

Mrs D as shes going through a very dry season spiritually and her daughter whose having trouble fitting into high school

Rob Barb‘s hubby he had to have an operation on his shoulder 3 weeks ago and hes slowly recovering. I pray that he can get some decent sleep and over some his boredom


My first Tackle It Tuesday~*~Tuesday 2some ~*~ A Tag ~*~and A Prayer

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Over the last few days Janice has been writing a 2 part blog entry about procrastination and I hang up my head in shame and confess I am one too. Janice has been running Tackle it Tuesday since May 26 last year and I have at last to join them.

My Hall

I have been thinking this area has been a problem for a while. We are busy and probably lazy and instead of the dirty clothes getting around the corner to the laundry they tend to get thrown in here. My excuse is that I thrown things in here in the rush of looking after Daniel. Poor excuse A????

Also I have wanted to clean out this cupboard for sometime. I think it contains my photo album.

So here are the before photos (I hang up head in shame)


and the after shots and YES I did find my photo album so at some stage I will be able to load them on to the computer and blog about them. We also have a new rule that dirty washing goes in the basket in the hall. I also hang a new curtain shower up that I found 🙂

after-2.jpg after-1.jpg



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How often do I update my blog?


How often do I comment on other people’s sites


How often do I change the layout of our site?

Yhe basic layout stays the same. I add buttons as I find me that interest me

Do I ever feel guilty that I don’t reciprocate comments or don’t I really care?

sometimes but I go visit the commenter even if I don’t say anything to them on my blog

How many sites on average do I visit daily and of those, how many do I comment on?

I visit 12 sites that aren’t blogs and so I don’t comment on them

They are sites like Trademe, Stuff, my Bible    readings and my email programmes

Of blogs I have 25 (I must say this has been radically reduced in the last few months) so I don’t get bogged down and this way I feel I can build better friendships with my chosen 22 people and their families. I comment on most of their blogs everyday.



bagtag-large_big.jpgA tag from Jana

The Rules

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the en, you need to chose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to them them.


1. I’m gullible – don’t get any ideas that wouldn’t be fair!!!

2 When I lived in Auckland I would go round the long way to avoid roundabouts

3 Fluorescent lights give me headaches – I don’t like them

4 I use to be a night owl, now I’m not really a night owl nor have I ever liked getting up in the morning. Is it possible to be an afternoon person?

5 I use to suck my thumb till I got braces (13 years old) and found it was too much of a mouthful

6 I cant stand unsweetened yogurt (but would live on the normal type if I could), mustard, pickles, gherkins and beer

I don’t know if these are really all that weird but I think I’m pretty normal so this was a hard meme

I’m going to tag Melany, Amy, Furry Hurricane – Christina‘s cat, Janice, Lil duckduck,Michelle

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~

I’m the prayer warrior and I do pray for you all but Ive been thinking recently I should record the prays I am praying for you all. So every time from now on that I blog I’m going to include prayers in my posts. This will also allow you to pray for these people if you so wish.


Today I’m praying for these people.

Mr NMOTB’s new and own business venture and Mrs NMOTB‘s for her poor aching muscles

Psalms Sunday – Psalms 4

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Go to the Psalms Sunday to read the translation we are working with


My thoughts


I like how the 1st verse finishes “hear my prayer”

When we pray at church we do this


verse 3 “The LORD will hear when I call to Him”

Its very reassuring that the Lord will hear when I call Him.  His line is never engaged.  Hes always available.


verse 4 “Be angry” I am allowed to feel angry as long as I dont act on it.  Its quite a revelation to know that God knows we will angry at times.  When someone says “Im feeling angry it kind of conjures up bad thoughts within the listener.  However the bible acknowledges we do feel feel anger sometimes.  Maybe its the way I have witnessed people acting out anger that stirs this feeling within me.  A few very badly.  I have been involved in 2 abusive relationships where the men did not how to deal with their anger.  Anger can be scary.


2nd half of verse 4 “Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still”

We are instead called to be still (probably not the easiest thing to do in the heat of the moment) and give it over to God.

He wants to discipline us though.  So while it might be hard especially depending on ones temperament its what our heavenly Father expects us to do.

Trusting in Him to help us with what has made  us angry.  Its all about how we chose to respond/act.


This verse also makes me think of time out.  Instead of letting the devil in maybe its a better idea to put oneself in time out.  Walking away from a situation for a few minutes is a healthy thing to do.  For those of us with children it probably means putting them in time out in their room too or at least in a safe room where we can leave them for a little while knowing they will ok while we take time out.  Depends whether the child has been naughty or not where I would put the child.  “on your bed” in peace maybe with the door shut, praying to God about what the matter is.


From doing parenting courses they do recommend giving yourself time out to cool down before responding.  Much easier said than done but maybe with God’s help I can put this into practise.  It would be so worth it.  I do realise that there are strong indications to suggest that this does refer to evening time but I believe in order to deal with anger and stop responding badly (letting the devil in too) one needs to act in a an alternative positive way straight away not later in the day.


This Psalm also reminds me of a song that was sang to me at my baptism by a very good friend.

Be still and know that He is God 

Lets be still and put our trust in God trusting Him to help us to control how we react to anger.

Last Night in Review

Posted On January 28, 2007

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update.jpg News Article about the night

I was very excited. Heck Id been excited since last Monday. I cant tell you how much I was bursting to tell you all on Tuesday morning. However I’m pleased I waited till yesterday I got heaps of comments for my blog. Heaps for my blog anyway. Wonder how many lurkers read my blog and don’t bother commenting.

So back to last night. I was also nervous. I had never collected at a concert before and coming from a big city and having experienced concerts where you hear and see very aggro people I was a bit worried. However, it was unfounded here in the Bay. As far as I know and from what Ive read about previous concerts at the Mission the people 26,000 last night are well behaved.

We my friend’s mum and I arrived at the concert venue and stood around waiting for directions about starting our collection. We finally were handed a bucket each and split into 2 groups. The first group were lead up the front of the stage and the rest of us waited 5 minutes then started off 1/2 way back into the crowd. I asked my friend’s mum if I could go with her for a minute my nerves at their max. She got stuck in and I found it was a learn as you go job. We got separated fairly quickly though. It turned out so easy though. People knew we were there – our tshirts were bright and boldly told people where we were from and the commentator also told the crowds. People yelled out “Hey!” and gave generously. I made my way though the crowds at one stage hiking up a hill. Picking my way though the people and watching my step as it turned out to be steeper than I had imagined. Jiggling my bucket as I went. After a while I decided to go back on to more level ground. As I went I saw our local friendly diary owner and we said “Hi!!” and she poured more $$ into my bucket.

After about an hour the people seemed to slow down in their giving. We had been told not to bring our buckets back till they were full however I took the fact that people weren’t giving as much and more importantly that my bucket was getting H E A V Y as a sign that Id probably done enough. Slowly I made my way back to the van and thought well if they tell me off about it I will go back out into the crowds and try again. However they didn’t they actually congratulated me for doing a good job and said that I had done well 🙂 Later comparing it with my friend’s mum’s bucket I decided I had a right to be pleased with myself.

Next we went back to our car and picked up our dinner. Found a place to put our deck chairs and settled down to a very well earned dinner and drink. Dont ask me why but we both found collecting thirsty and hungry work. Before too much longer Eric came on to the stage. He played his newer music and a lot of instrumentals in the first half of the concert. In the 2nd hour he had the audience dancing, singing and yahooing including me as he played his older and in my opinion better music.

Highlights were when Clapton played a love song and I shed a tear or two as I looked beyond the stage at the city lights and thanked God for bringing me to the Bay and falling in love with Muzz. He sang his song “Cocaine” and I rejoiced and clapped as he sang “I’m not going to do it!” I read recently that Clapton has debated singing this song these days as he has struggled with this drug in his past. I don’t know how many other people realised what he had sang but to me the mere fact that he included this line was very important. Good on you Eric.

The ending was a bit disappointing. He and the band bowed and briefly waved and off they went. Clapton had hardly spoken to the crowd all night. We waited and waited for an encore but there wasn’t one. Five minutes later my friends mum pointed out 3 cars leaving the concert on a road slightly behind the stage and said I bet hes left. Shortly after that the lights came on and the ads started playing on the big screens. We made our way back to our car slowly 26,000 people is a lot to make ones way though. Especially when you’re trying to get out of a venue that’s poorly lit. I reflected upon the fact that it wasn’t long enough. However, I always remember feeling that way about concerts in the dark dim past when prices were much more affordable. But do I want?? Clapton had played almost nonstop for 2 hours.

I also would have liked him to use stage props more. I just saw West Life on TV and they were very interesting using props. However, I don’t feel I can complain. I am very grateful for being blessed with this experience especially in light of the fact that my friend thought of me first and considering how much the tickets were. Thanks Ang. You deserve a huge hug next time I see you.


I’ll leave with 2 songs from the bands last night to enjoy Clapton and Pearl

Whats happening T O N I G H T yeah Im so excited

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I have been totally blessed. A friend from church double booked herself. Shes going out of town this weekend. Im going with her mother to collect for the rotary (who are giving the $$ to a hospice) and then we get to stay and watch these 2 bands for F R E E!!!


Eric Clapton a long time favourite


Wellington’s band Pearl are going to be opening act

People have spent between $100 and $400 for these tickets


Its going to held at the Mission Winery here in the Bay


Can you hear me jumping up and down and screaming I so cant wait till tonight

Muzz is going to babysit our boys

Thanks sweetie



Foto Pherrets – My first time

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Foto Pherrets Photo of the week 


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This is  “Furry Hurricane” Tigger

looking at lunch – a squirrel – yum

Borrowed this off one of my bloggie friends Christina

Thankful Thursday #1

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  • God for loving me unconditionally
  • My man and boys who love me and support me
  • My supportive friendly next door neighbour
  • Friends especially a special couple from church who love my boys and are so generous
  • Their daughter who has given me her place at the Mission Concert on the weekend (she has to do something else)
  • Being able go to swimming the other day and cool off
  • Beautiful days
  • A washing machine even if it does get stuck on the spin cycle and has to be reset
  • $$ to buy food today and laundry powder so I can wash our clothes (ran out LOL)


Tuesday Twosome – Meme

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The last two movies I watched

Well . . . I dont go to the movies a lot so I cant remember

The last two TV shows I watched

Close Up, Coronation Street (which Im listening to as I type this and will watch properly once I have posted this)

The last two items I purchased

entry fee for the swimming pools for myself, and my two sons; drink and food from McDs

The last two beverages I drank

water, summer smoothie from McDs

The last two internet sites I surfed before going to the Tuesday twosome site

Question of the Day

Trade me

Water Baby – 1st time at the pools

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This afternoon we took Daniel to the pools for the first time.  He loved it as you can see.  He took to it straight away.  Didnt mind  other children splashing too much.  We also saw some friends from church there and also a family whose little girl is the same age as Daniel whom we hadnt seen for ages too.  I would have taken more photos but my memory stick got fulled up over the last few days and not emptied.  Daniel also decided it was a fun game to dunk Dad.  Muzz is so good with him and pretended to be dunked every time Daniel put his hand up to Muzz’s head


Its been about 30 degrees C here in New Zealand so it was welcomed by all.

Afterwards we went to McDs for an icecream

it was a very enjoyable afternoon for all of us and we have all vowed to do it again soon

QOTF – Snarkland

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This weeks question was about stereotypes and what we label ourselves. I like the writer see myself as wearing many hats. I also agree that as one passes through life one wears different hats. So how would I see myself:-



sister in law





son’s/brother’s partner



friend’s mother

member of our parish

youth group leaders helper

playgroup committee member



and so the list could probably go on . . .

So I am a lot of things to many people. This will grow, change and evolve as time passes. It is my hope that before the end of 2007 I will be able to add teacher when I get a job.

how about you??? How any hats do you wear???

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