I can’t!! OH YES I CAN!!!!

Posted On January 3, 2007

Filed under faith

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Been reading some more of this book. Then came upon this quote this morning – “Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson.

In Victory over the Darkness it says that “. . . Everything would be possible for you.” We must have faith in God and then act upon it. “. . . God can do anything” and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Anderson, page 113).

Have you ever read the poem – The Victor by C.W. Longenecker

He has a very true point in his poem. We as Christians however have a greater capability for success in our lives through the power of believing the truth found in God’s word – the bible. We can live a victorious Christan life if we believe its possible and it takes no more effort than not believing so lets give it a go. Believe that you can walk by faith (good song by the way and following in line with my post too) and that you can grow as a Christan.

Anderson gets us a list of Twenty Cans of Success when I was reading this I found it helpful to emphasis the last half of the sentence. Thus focusing on what I can lay claim to.

We have to believe in ourselves and more importantly believe whom we are through the unconditional love that we have as children of God. Believe in Him and then through him we can do anything!!


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