This Afternoon Daniel played at McDs for the first time

Posted On January 4, 2007

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This afternoon Muzz brought his nieces over they dont live here in the Bay so it was lovely seeing them. Daniel got a late Christmas present then we all went to McDonalds for an ice-cream. After we had eaten I decided to take the explorer for an adventure and we went to the playground part. Well!!! Off he went.


all was good till he decided to go along this tunnel



Gabby saved the day yaye!!!

First she tried to persuade him – unsuccessfully

He wanted to play out come down

Then she got up and brought him down



3 Responses to “This Afternoon Daniel played at McDs for the first time”

  1. Murray Whittington

    Yaye for Gabby and Mr DJ is on the prowl esp in the playground, I think he will enjoy McD’s now as they have decent playgrounds for the kids as its safe and no dangers, and he even ate ice cream well and messing one ice cream (cone broke) to the floor for the McDonalds staff to clean up after him but he certainly gobbled part of daddy’s ice cream once he relised that daddy will give him part of daddy’s one.

  2. Susanne

    Kids and McDonalds go together don’t they. Personally I could live without it. :v)

  3. Michelle

    Kids birthday parties used to be the rage when my daughter was a toddler. They’ve stopped doing them now…rather sad.

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