The slide

Posted On January 7, 2007

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yesterday afternoon our wonderful neighbour gave Daniel this


he did have a good time playing on it

then early last night I found him doing this with it



the many uses of a slide 🙂


8 Responses to “The slide”

  1. Amy

    oh how wonderful! My kids loved the same things at his age!

  2. Friday's Child

    You just can’t imagine what strangest things can kids do with their playthings. Things we adults have never imagined.

  3. Michelle

    They are so much fun, my daughter played with hers for years. We used it in the little blow up pool, she had a blast 🙂

  4. NMOTB

    Hi Jen, Happy New Year to you and yours!!!! That is an awesome pressie to give a kiddie – My children also had one and it kept them amused for ages on end!!!!!!

  5. Donna

    I love watching kids be creative.

  6. Nikkie

    Very creative!

  7. Leticia

    That is such a sweet gift! I am sure he is going to get a lot of play time out of it.

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