Today Im praying for Matisse Reid

Posted On January 10, 2007

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I dont know this spunky little girl personally. They live in the Bay though. Matisse is 6 years old. She suffers from a chronic and debilitating medical condition called chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo obstruction (CIIPO). CIIPO is a disorder that causes damaged gastrointestinal mobility. Unlike us her intestinal tract doesnt push her food through her stomach as ours does. This little girl cant digest her food at all. She has to be fed through an IV. She suffers often from severe tummy pains and she vomits daily too. Because her disorder is relatively unknown treatment is a trial and error affair which is very distressing for her and her family. Matisse is facing the prospect of death via the only means to feed her. The liquid food pumped into her body is destroying her liver. There is no cure for CIIPO.

But for Matisse there is hope. Today she and her family are heading for Pittsburgh in America. To undergo an expensive and risky yet life saving operation (an operation that is not available here or in Australia). She will undergo a liver and small bowel transplant operation.

My love, prayers and thoughts are with this family. May they have safe travels and may this indeed save Matisse Reid.

To read more about this brave little girl click on these links:- A mircle for Matisse

The girl who has never eaten Pain beyond her years Matisse


8 Responses to “Today Im praying for Matisse Reid”

  1. flipflopmamma

    Wow. How sad for that little girl. I’ll be praying that her surgery goes smoothly.

  2. jenz

    Ill keep you informed if I hear anymore

  3. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    thank you for letting us know. I am praying and also heading over to the link you included.

  4. supermom

    That is so sad. Lots of positive thoughs for them.

  5. NMOTB

    Aw, how sad – such a cutie too! Will think good and positive thoughts for her and her family!

  6. Susanne

    It’s always so difficult to hear of a child being so sick. Saying a prayer.

  7. christine

    so glad to come across this site.My youngest child also suffers from this disease and I want to encourage praying christians to keep praying for Matisse with absolute faith.We have seen God work miraculously in my daughter’s life -she has defied all medical predictions.He truly is a mighty God.

  8. natalie

    My son Cody was diagnosed with a rare bowel condition called malrotation vovulus (his bowel sat abnormally within his body causing it to twist and strangle – he is nearly seventeen)and as a result lost all but a tiny amount of his small bowel and a large amount of his large bowel- he also survives on drip feeding and spends most of his time in hospital – he is also going to require a small bowel and liver transplant to survive – i am sending prayers to Matisse and her family they are an inspiration to me as this is a hard long journey and ours is only beginning – this family is so brave – stay strong guys

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