Psalms Sunday #3 (My first time)

Posted On January 21, 2007

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click on the above picture to link

To read the Psalm 3 go here


Erica talks about how women find it hard to go to sleep at night and that men dont seem to have this problem.

She concludes with the quote “. . . talk to the Shepherd . . .” I have found this to help as does reading His word.


Isnt it wonderful that He is our shield and will protect us as we sleep


3 Responses to “Psalms Sunday #3 (My first time)”

  1. Erica

    Thank you for joining us this week in Psalm Sunday. I forgot to put it in my last post, but next week we will go over Psalm 4. See you then!!!

  2. Laurel Wreath

    I loved the quote also!!

  3. Barbara H.

    It is wonderful, indeed!!

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