A Busy Monday Morning

Posted On January 22, 2007

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I got up at 7am this morning.  Daniel was crying for me and to get up.  I got him and we went into the lounge for a cuddle.  We both love this time together.  Just the two of us partaking in an activity we both love and enjoy – cuddles.

As I sat there enjoying this time with my cuddly baby I looked across the lounge floor at a strange looking line on the carpet.  When we had finished our special time I went over to investigate the strange looking line.  To my horror but not real surprise it was a thick line of ants.  I wasnt really surprised because ever since moving inot this house in the Bay we have had no end of troubles with ants.  No matter what we do they come and my next door neighbour has the same trouble.  They were leading to Daniel’s car seat that Muzz had brought into the house yesterday after we had finished using it in his car.

I made Daniel his bottle of milk and as he drank it I pulled the car seat cover off the car seat and took it into the bathroom to shower the ants off it.  It was swarming black with ants.  It wasnt really dirty although Daniel does have the odd snack in it and crumbs do get in between the cover and the seat.  I stuck the covers in the wash.  Feed Daniel his weetbix then vacuumed cleaned the lounge floor as Daniel happily finished his breakfast munching on crackers that Muzz got him in the weekend.

When Daniel finished his breakfast I got him down from the highchair thankful that I had gotten all that done and Daniel hadnt played in the lounge.  Then I finsihed vacumming the house with a break to change a poo bum.  After I had finished doing that I put Daniel’s paddling pool in the shower and washed it.  Then took it outside to fill up with water.  I just know today is going to be H O T!!!  I can tell you that the first 2 hours of my morning had been a very good sweaty workout.  Who needs to go to the gym with ants in ones house???



3 Responses to “A Busy Monday Morning”

  1. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    AAAACK!!!! I HATE ants – I think I would have screamed and then gone and phoned my mom and cried! 🙂 (No i would have WANTED to do that. In reality I would have washed it all up like you.)

  2. Amy

    yep I hate ants too, thankfully we don’t have too much of a problem here but when we first moved here there were 5 nests under our house – yuck!

  3. Jana

    Oh, ants are SUCH a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate trying to get rid of them!!!

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