Water Baby – 1st time at the pools

Posted On January 23, 2007

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This afternoon we took Daniel to the pools for the first time.  He loved it as you can see.  He took to it straight away.  Didnt mind  other children splashing too much.  We also saw some friends from church there and also a family whose little girl is the same age as Daniel whom we hadnt seen for ages too.  I would have taken more photos but my memory stick got fulled up over the last few days and not emptied.  Daniel also decided it was a fun game to dunk Dad.  Muzz is so good with him and pretended to be dunked every time Daniel put his hand up to Muzz’s head


Its been about 30 degrees C here in New Zealand so it was welcomed by all.

Afterwards we went to McDs for an icecream

it was a very enjoyable afternoon for all of us and we have all vowed to do it again soon


3 Responses to “Water Baby – 1st time at the pools”

  1. Susanne

    I cannot believe how how it is there now. But are you guys in the middle of your summer season? Your little guy looks like he had lots of fun.

  2. Michelle

    Wow Jen, that’s hot for NZ. Do you enjoy the heat? I must admit, living in the tropics for the last 18 years, i am beginning to sick of the heat, especially now where its endless days of 32dgs and 100% humidity!

  3. Mary

    Fun, I love summer! We’re slogging through snow-mud here in the US…enjoy it for me!

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