Psalms Sunday – Psalms 4

Posted On January 29, 2007

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My thoughts


I like how the 1st verse finishes “hear my prayer”

When we pray at church we do this


verse 3 “The LORD will hear when I call to Him”

Its very reassuring that the Lord will hear when I call Him.  His line is never engaged.  Hes always available.


verse 4 “Be angry” I am allowed to feel angry as long as I dont act on it.  Its quite a revelation to know that God knows we will angry at times.  When someone says “Im feeling angry it kind of conjures up bad thoughts within the listener.  However the bible acknowledges we do feel feel anger sometimes.  Maybe its the way I have witnessed people acting out anger that stirs this feeling within me.  A few very badly.  I have been involved in 2 abusive relationships where the men did not how to deal with their anger.  Anger can be scary.


2nd half of verse 4 “Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still”

We are instead called to be still (probably not the easiest thing to do in the heat of the moment) and give it over to God.

He wants to discipline us though.  So while it might be hard especially depending on ones temperament its what our heavenly Father expects us to do.

Trusting in Him to help us with what has made  us angry.  Its all about how we chose to respond/act.


This verse also makes me think of time out.  Instead of letting the devil in maybe its a better idea to put oneself in time out.  Walking away from a situation for a few minutes is a healthy thing to do.  For those of us with children it probably means putting them in time out in their room too or at least in a safe room where we can leave them for a little while knowing they will ok while we take time out.  Depends whether the child has been naughty or not where I would put the child.  “on your bed” in peace maybe with the door shut, praying to God about what the matter is.


From doing parenting courses they do recommend giving yourself time out to cool down before responding.  Much easier said than done but maybe with God’s help I can put this into practise.  It would be so worth it.  I do realise that there are strong indications to suggest that this does refer to evening time but I believe in order to deal with anger and stop responding badly (letting the devil in too) one needs to act in a an alternative positive way straight away not later in the day.


This Psalm also reminds me of a song that was sang to me at my baptism by a very good friend.

Be still and know that He is God 

Lets be still and put our trust in God trusting Him to help us to control how we react to anger.


6 Responses to “Psalms Sunday – Psalms 4”

  1. eph2810

    I totally agree with you. Although the Psalm suggest that ought to thing about it on our bed, but I don’t think we have to be physically on our bed. Walking out of the room might just help us to refocus. I know that I have done it many times. I even walked out to the trash can to calm down.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Psalm 4. My short meditation is up as well…
    Blessings on you week and always.

  2. Diane J.

    Hi again, Jen. I see you’ve been trying to get the Bible Gateway button up in your sidebar. Here’s the code that I used on my blog. You can try it to see if it will work on yours:

    Just right-click on it to copy it, then paste it into your template where you want it to go. I don’t know if it will work or not since I use Blogspot, but you can try it. If it doesn’t work, just don’t save it to your template.

    Hope this helps, and I enjoyed your devotion. The Bible says to “be angry and sin not.”, but I don’t think I’ve ever done that. This is an area I need to work on, and let God work on in me.

    Have a good week, and good luck with the button. 🙂


  3. Denise

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Erica

    Thank you again for taking part in the Psalms with me. Thank you for your post. I am definitely making it a point lately to be still and get myself to calm down when I can feel that blood pressure begin to rise. I re-read my post and felt that it made me sound like this really angry person. I’m not…my three year old just knows how to push my buttons..REALLY WELL! Have a blessed week, Jen!

  5. NMOTB

    Hi Jen! I feel terrible for not popping around sooner but it has been kinda hectic and I have also scaled down on my blogging!!! Hope you are well?

    Take Care

  6. Leticia

    I love Bible Gateway! It is the best web site! I am so happy I had found a year ago, or more.

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