The Beach

Posted On February 2, 2007

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Today we went to the beach and accompanying playground. We had a lovely picnic lunch which Billy made last night at midnight. He couldn’t sleep I think he was too excited. We had sandwiches, tomatoes, biscuits, strawberries and apples. I brought us an ice-cream each for afternoon tea.

As Daniel and I played on the playground Billy climbed all over the rocks.



Billy brought his inflatable whale. Which he hasnt played with for about 2 years. He found it the other day in a box.  Daniel hasnt been the beach before so the very feel of sand was a new experience for him too.  Daniel found the sea water very cold but with time, patience and encouragement he eventually got in the water and even had a splash with his hands like he does in his pool.


Daniel was also interested in the rocks.  They had little holes in them which he liked poking his finger into.

Just before we left Daniel and Billy played on the playground together.


We thought it was very funny when Daniel pushed Billy around on the spinner.


Daniel went on a  seesaw for the 1st time and he loved going up and down.  He jiggled about on the seat till Billy made it move again.


Billy has a game he plays with Daniel on the swing.  He pretends that when Daniel swings towards him he knocks him over or hurts him in same way.  Daniel thinks its so so so funny.  He giggled his head off.  Billy would make a good actor or comedian.

 daniel-and-bilys-game-on-the-swing3.jpg daniel-and-bilys-game-on-the-swing.jpgdaniel-and-bilys-game-on-the-swing2.jpg


7 Responses to “The Beach”

  1. Diane J.

    Loved the pictures of your boys at the beach, Jen! I do wish you’d had Billy snap some pics of you, too, though….

    Apparently our lives are mirror images regarding climates. I’ve only been to the beach twice in my whole life and I’m 43. The last time was last August, and then it was only for a couple of hours. It’s about 8 hours to the ocean from here, the closest, that is.

    And we usually get much more freezing weather and snow than we’ve gotten so far this year.

    Have a great Friday and weekend, Jen! 🙂

  2. Susanne

    That looks like so much fun! We live nowhere near a beach. A lake beach is a close as we get to that. Totally not the same!

  3. Leticia

    Sooo sweet!! We are no where near a beach and my little boys have never known the joy of seeing the beautiful ocean. Maybe one day.

  4. Amy

    oh we use to have one of those blow up whales – aren’t they such fun?

  5. supermom

    That looks like SUCH a great time!!!

  6. MamaDuck

    So cute, I love the photos!

  7. jenz

    thanks everyone it was a fun day
    next time Diane
    its amazing to think that some of you can count the number of times you have been to the beach on one hand 🙂
    makes me really reflect on the fact that New Zealand is a island country

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