Yesterday and What Works for Me

Posted On February 2, 2007

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A few of my commenters (thanks guys you know I LOVE comments) yesterday said it was awesome how I got everything I wanted done done yesterday.

There are some chores I have to do every day (I don’t count those)

Then there are ones I want to do

Yesterday for example I knew I had to go to the meeting and I knew my input would be valuable – I’m a trained early childhood teacher

Sometimes I would prefer to go out only once a day

However Billy likes supermarket shopping – strange lad – hes a blessing to take though in fact I told him yesterday Im going to miss not having him with me when he goes back to school next week.  He did point out I could go after school – we’ll see 🙂

so while I could have done the shopping today or tomorrow he motivated me to go

besides which we have plans for today which I will tell you about today or tomorrow

I have suffered from depression for a number of years now.  I’m stable at the moment thanks to what my sister in Christ and bloggie friend calls happy pills *big hug sis*.  I don’t call them that I want to be happy without them.  Doesn’t work though I always go downhill without them and foolishly I have tried a couple of times.   I prefer to call them stable or sane pills.  I’m getting sidetracked though aren’t I LOL.  Where was I?

What Ive learnt from depression is that if I do better if I pace myself.  If I go out to many times in one day I tend to burn myself out.  I don’t cope with being tired well.  So for me to set a couple preferably one outing a day is better.  So yesterday having gone out twice I was thankful that I had done all I had wanted to do done.  Praise the Lord for He gives us strength.


2 Responses to “Yesterday and What Works for Me”

  1. Amy

    I didn’t know you suffered from depression big *hugs* from me, I’ve also had to deal with it recently too. It can really pull you down can’t it? Thank goodness we have our God who gives us all the love and acceptance we need.

  2. jenz

    I have had it for years. Possibly when I was a child. Definitely since 1990. Have had post natal depression too 3 times. The 2nd time really badly. Billys dad was very unsupportive which didnt help and he was also abusive.

    I have been on meds for years too. I wont ever stop taking them now. I have gone through periods where I took myself off them thinking I was ok. They keep my serotonin chemicals at the right level.

    I didnt know you had it either. BIG HUGS. Its hard but with the right help from the docs and God we will make it.

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