Waitangi Day ~*~ New Zealand Day ~*~ What we did

Posted On February 6, 2007

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Another picnic and play


dsc01981.jpgdsc01979.jpgdsc01998.JPG dsc02000.jpg


dsc01997.JPG dsc02007.JPG


4 Responses to “Waitangi Day ~*~ New Zealand Day ~*~ What we did”

  1. Jenny

    Hello, I tried emailing you Christina’s contact information for her baby shower gifts but my email was returned. Please send me another email at JayJenny[AT]cablespeed[DOT]com if you’d still like this information, or feel free to contact Christina herself if you have her email. Sorry it wouldn’t work, and thanks again for coming!

  2. jenz

    Ive sent you an email Jenny 🙂

  3. Barb

    My goodness, Jen, you all go on a lot of nice outings. I read your post about the trip to the beach and I’ll admit I felt al ittle jealous. I guess I keep forgetting it’s summer there. As cold as it is here, it’s hard to believe it’s summer anywhere!

  4. jenz

    It was just a local park
    we are blessed in New Zealand to have lots of nice parks
    Im sure it will be me in your position soon enough although we dont get snow here in the Bay

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