Waitangi Day – New Zealand Day

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This morning I had the opportunity to watch the sun rise in New Zealand (Daniel slept in till 7.30am YAYE). As I watched it I also listened to the sea hitting the beach and the birds singing. Reflecting on the fact that today is New Zealand day.


In 1840 the Maori chiefs and the 1st English people signed the Treaty of Waitangi. The founding document of New Zealand. Something that has caused great rifts ever since.


A Maori and a Pakeha (one of the Members of Parliament) come together in a Hongi

I pray that all New Zealanders may join together today to celebrate what a great country ours is

Yesterday I got an upsetting email (well it upset me greatly)

In New Zealand in spite of the feelings towards the Treaty (which are vented mostly just on this day) we are a country that is able to live in freedom. This is something that all too often is taken for granted.

Reflecting upon this email we arent prisoners in our own homes. Where even at times our homes arent the safest place to be. We dont live in a country that has as many murders in one day as we in New Zealand suffer in a year.


We in fact live in the 4th best country in which to live in the world according to the International Living travel website. Who did a survey of 193 countries. We have topnotch (by world standards) healthcare and education. We are able to enjoy all the nearby parks around us without fear of crime or worst. We (by world standards) have a low crime rate. To read more of this interesting article link here.

To learn more about the Treaty of Waitangi click on the picturetreatypreview_2.jpgthis by the way is a great web site

To learn more about New Zealand

Upon reading this account I so wish we could celebrate like Tan describes the people do in his homeland



5 Responses to “Waitangi Day – New Zealand Day”

  1. Leticia

    Thank you for that wonderful glimpse into New Zealand. It is such a beautiful country. You and my friend Aimz are truly blessed!

    If I ever get money, that will be my first stop.

  2. Amy

    I haven’t seen that email doing the rounds in my inbox yet, thank goodness. I’m not sure about naming Waitangi Day to be New Zealand day is the wisest thing to do, what do you think?

  3. jenz

    it was a email from a friend of mine who lives there
    I think we need to have a New Zealand day where we can come together as a nation of one people and celebrate the great country we live in
    as to whether we let Waitangi day go Im not sure

  4. jenz

    Leticia that would be great

  5. jeffrey

    hi i live in New Zealand and this day while not important to many is our national day. Any person who tryed to remove or rename it would be seen as racist, and would be destroyed by the media no matter what there intentions where. in NZ’s history Waitangi day was made “new Zealand day” once but 2 years later it was changed back because of public out cry i think. but anyway it didn’t last then and i doubt it would last now. but anyway it would be nice if Waitangi Day was celebrated as our national holiday by AL NZers 😦

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