Schools Starts Again

Posted On February 7, 2007

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After 7 weeks break Billy went back to school today.  He was ok about it.  He has a new teacher be interesting to see how it goes.  This year being in intermediate (although his school is a full primary) he gets to go to technology once a week Im sure Billy will enjoy this.  He likes hands on education.  He also really likes cooking.  He even volunteered to make our lunch yesterday again and made his lunch for today last night.  Im praying it will be a good school year for him.


4 Responses to “Schools Starts Again”

  1. supermom

    I hope his first school day went well

  2. Nikkie

    I’m glad he was okay with his first day of school. I hope it went well!

  3. jenz

    thanks ladies
    theres only 11 in his class
    heaps of children have left the school its at about 1/2 the usual role
    the fact that there is only 11 students in Billys class is good as it means there are opportunitys for him to have more one on one teaching which suits him better
    He said all the children in his class are nice which is nice as there were some bullies last year

  4. Diane J.

    Best of luck to Billy for the new school year. 🙂

    Not much going on here, but I’ll try to post something today.

    I read the post below and saw the pictures. Looks like a fun time was had by all. 🙂

    Have a great week, Jen! ;-D

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