Thankful Thursday

Posted On February 8, 2007

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  • That my boys get on so well
  • My MIL for lending me $$ to get 2 new tyres for my car so it will pass its warrant of fitness
  • that Billys class only has a 11 students at the moment as he will get more one on one with his teacher
  • that his teacher seems nice
  • that Daniel is getting more mobile saving my back a bit more. He walks about 1/2 the time now but still prefers crawling to get somewhere in a hurry
  • this website that has seen me read my bible everyday for the last 2 months
  • my wonderful next door neighbour for lending me a night nappy for Daniel last night (Id run out of night nappies)
  • and her for coming over for a cuppa yesterday it lend me to playing with Daniel a bit more than usual
  • Billy for making the picnic lunches for our picnics last week and his lunch yesterday for school
  • for Billy getting up and getting on with it this morning

16 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Leticia

    I am thankful to have such beautiful little boys.

    I am thankful I worship and serve a God that forgives of all of my faults.

    And Jen, I am also thankful for my two new tires, hee.

  2. Diane J.

    I’m thankful for many things, too, Jen. 🙂

    And my hair is long right now, down to my waist, but usually I wear my hair just as short as yours. It’s beginning to bug me, so I may get it all cut off soon, probably before summer here.

  3. Amy

    I liked your list Jen 🙂 your mother in law sounds like a gem of a lady and billy – sounds like he’s growing up to be quite a young man…

  4. Denise

    I enjoyed your list, bless you.

  5. Laurel Wreath

    Great list, a lot to be thankful for.

  6. Eileen

    I like the ‘bible help’!! Amen to that. Glad I came here!

  7. Beckie

    Wonderful list Jen. I checked out the One Year Bible Blog and think it’s a great idea. Thanks for the link. Blessings to you today.

  8. eph2810

    Looks like your Billy is growing up in a hurry. Awesome that he is helping you out. I am glad that your little one is moving on his own now. It is great that you have been reading your Bible – I have been keeping up on my reading as well. What a great MIL and neighbor lady you have. Always great to a have help 🙂

    Blessings on your Thursday and always…

  9. Terri @ In His Hands

    Wonderful list! 🙂

  10. Heather

    Sounds like you have a wonderful neighbor. That is a blessing to be sure!

  11. LaRae

    Happy Thursday! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Kathleen Marie

    What a wonderful list. Friends are a blessing! Have a wonderful day!

  13. jenz

    I feel so so so blessed to have been visited by so many wonderful ladies
    Im off to visit you all
    thanks so much

  14. Christina

    Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by my T13 this week and for your kind comment! I was goofing around with Photoshop and just decided to see what kind of photo collage I could come up with. It didn’t turn out too bad for a first effort 😀

    I like the “Thankful Thursday” list you have – a great thing to think about every week! I’m glad you had a lot of things to be thankful for this week!

  15. Liz (Looney Mom)

    Hi there. Just going through the Thankful Thursday blogroll. Those are great things to be thankful for indeed. Good thing for good neighbors! 😉

  16. viamarie

    It’s truly a heartwarming experience to be reading the lists of friends. I see some that I have forgotten to thank for so I’d like to thank you for the reminder.


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