Lunch Date

Posted On February 9, 2007

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Today Muzz took Daniel and I out to lunch – thanks Muzz

we ate and then we took Daniel to the playground part

He made friends with a little boy (the one in the photo) I love the way my boys both seem to have the gift of making friends with other kids


sori about the quality of the photos they were taken with Muzz’s cellphone

The little boys friend was a monkey he kept climbing up the poles. I was giggling when Daniel decided he wanted to try to as well


A good afternoon and Daniel had a good sleep on the way home for a while afterwards too


4 Responses to “Lunch Date”

  1. Leticia

    Jen that looks like a nice place to take children, especially when the weather is it its worst.

  2. Amy

    oooh mcdees! even 10 minutes makes my own kids so much more behaved, they get all their energy out there 🙂

  3. jenz

    thats why i love the place Amy
    Daniel has a good play then a good sleep 🙂

  4. supermom

    It’s always good to get the kids out to a place like that. WE sure could do with something like that here! Glad you had a nice time

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