Posted On February 14, 2007

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Yesterday we went back to playgroup after the long Christmas Holidays.  We had a good time it was good to be back.  The mothers have turns at doing either morning tea, reading a story , doing an activity with the children (with their mums help) or singing a song with the children.  Yesterday I sang a song with the children the theme was fire engines so we sang Hurry Hurry to the fire.  It was fun.  I used a musical instrument when the song goes ding ding ding ding ding

I always get there early.  I help set up.  Daniel has gotten funny over the break I noticed this on Sunday too.  On Sunday at church he went into the sunbeams room for preschoolers.  He seemed happy but within 10 minutes I was called to be with him.  He was crying.  Yesterday at playgroup I couldnt even walk across the room from him without getting upset.  After quite a while he did settle down and ended up having a lovely time.  Seems hes got clingy over the holidays 🙂


4 Responses to “Playgroup”

  1. Sonny

    Thanks for stopping by my WW earlier today.

    Sweet like Kitty
    I will exercise for comments!!!

  2. jenz

    thanks my new friend

  3. Nikkie

    My little guy had a hard time like that after the holiday break too. I think they get so used to being with their moms they forget that they have to have some apart time sometimes.

  4. Michelle

    I guess its a normal stage. I’m willing to bet it sure won’t last 🙂

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