Yesterday’s Beach Trip and I have a really bad cold

Posted On February 17, 2007

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Yesterday Billy and his school went to one of the local beaches for the day.  I went along as a parent helper.  Daniel spent the day with his daddy.

When we got there the younger kids were separated from the older kids and had different programmes run by the surf live savers.  This separation was so the program could be aimed at their at age level.

Billy’s class and 1 other class first of all learnt about the procedures of life saving.  2 children were asked to put on a drama with the help of the lifeguards about rescuing a drowning person they used a tube as a prop.trade3.jpg

Then it was morning tea time.  Next we learnt about the rescue boat surf-boat.jpg

and a couple of children were chosen to put on a drama which involved a rescue using the boat (on land of course).

Then our group did what the younger children had been doing and went into the life saving room and watched a video.

Then the children came back together to play field games before lunch playing-games.jpg here Billy is waiting to tag the other children as they ran pass him.

After lunch  it was time to hit the waves.  We were worried about the weather as it looked like it was going to rain.  I joking told Billy they’d all have to go back to school and do maths for the afternoon.  One of teachers thought that was a great idea.  The life saver told the children not to worry about a bit of rain as they were going to get wet anyway 🙂  As it was the rain actually held off till we were going home.

At first the children were called to run around the adults in the sea.  It was really windy but according to the children it was actually quite warm in the water.  Billy is the boy just getting into the sea in this photo


Here Billy is being towed out to sea.  Where the children were let go when a wave came so they could zoom into shore.

It was a fun and interesting day.   I even learnt a thing or two.  Like where the beach was.  I got the wrong beach in the being thankfully one of the boys I was taking was aware of the location of the proper beach and directed me to it.  When we got there I shook his hand and thanked him.  I also caught a hell of a heavy cold.  By the end of the day my nose was running like a tap turned on fully, my eyes were running, my face hurt, my throat hurt and I was sure I was running temperatures.  So I’m taking it easy this weekend and getting better again.


7 Responses to “Yesterday’s Beach Trip and I have a really bad cold”

  1. Amy

    That’s awesome about Billy learning about surf life saving – maybe that’s something he could get into as he gets older. I hope you get better though, have you got any lemons?

  2. jenz

    🙂 Muzz is going to bring some over later today

  3. Diane J.

    Ain’t that about right? The kids were the ones in the water and you’re the one to get sick. Hope you feel better soon, Jen. 🙂

    Looks like the kids had a good time. I enjoyed all the pictures.

    Have a good weekend if you can, Jen. 🙂

  4. supermom

    It’s so neat that the kids get to go on outings to the beach. One of the perks of living by the sea I suppose 😉
    Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope it gets cleared up soon

  5. Susanne

    Sounds like a great field trip! Hope your cold passes quickly!

  6. Erica

    I would love to go to the beach right about now.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    I am also here to ask you to consider joining me for Two Weeks of Sacrifice. You can read more about it here….

  7. Michelle

    Hope you’re on the mend. Sounded like a great day full of lots of activities for the kids 🙂

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