Billy’s schooling and a cool follow-up

Posted On February 20, 2007

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Last week at school Billy and his class were talking about the Art Deco weekend that was held here in the Bay. The teacher read him this story then Billy retold the class all about the car/bike. His teacher was very impressed about the fact that he could retell the class so well.

On the weekend Billy really wanted to go and see if he could go and find the car/bike. I couldn’t help I have the flu. Our wonderful next door neighbour came to the rescue once again. She was taking her family to look and invited Billy to go with them. I gave her my camera to borrow just in case.

They came home later really happy as they had found it. I thought it was a real terrific follow up to the piece of work Billy had done in class earlier in the week.



One Response to “Billy’s schooling and a cool follow-up”

  1. Diane J.

    What a neat contraption!

    I hope and pray you feel better soon, Jen. 🙂

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