Last weeks Tuesday’s Tackle

Posted On February 20, 2007

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which I hadnt finished on Tuesday hence the reason Im posting about it now

This tackle actually turned into a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Tackle

It was a massive undertaking

Now the thing is Billy is suppose to keep his room clean but once a year I decide its got out of hand and I do a massive clean-out. Then Billy is responsible for maintaining it. I threw out so much rubbish.

These are the before photos. How he could live in a room like this I dont know. He growled at me when he first saw what id done worried about his stuff. He was told to go to his room. Later, only about 10 minutes later I was told it was ok really. For the rest of the week he would come home from school and check on progress and praise me 🙂 I did it only when he was at school and still had other chores and events to do and go to. I didnt ask for his help as I have found over the years its easier to do it myself. Otherwise I get this story or thousands like it about what Im throwing away. Kids hoard so much paper though and who needs broken toys. BTW he decided a while ago to store some of his papers and toys in the boxes.

before-3.jpg before-1.jpgbefore-2.jpg

And the after pictures 🙂


Now he has to keep it like this


7 Responses to “Last weeks Tuesday’s Tackle”

  1. Amanda

    That was a massive tackle! Great job! Everything looks very neat now.

  2. Amy

    Yes I agree, it looks much better now. btw my oldest son is exactly the same 🙂

  3. Gattina

    Before and “After” just like a face lifting, lol !

  4. Michelle

    Wow, now that really IS a makeover, well done!

  5. Diane J.

    Good job!

    I usually do pretty good with the cleaning and organizing, when I finally get down to it. It’s the maintaining that I struggle with.

    Thanks for your prayers for Mikki and Jessica. Mikki is about the same today, but Jessica is feeling better today, Praise God!



  6. eph2810

    I think you did an excellent job tackling this project… I am glad that Billy was okay with it 🙂

  7. jenz

    thanks everyone 🙂

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