Youth Group

Posted On February 24, 2007

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Tonight the youth group went here

I stayed with Daniel we didnt go through the maze. Daniel I looked at the calves, a cow and a deer instead. They were really tame. There was also a little hut for children to explore which Daniel did 🙂 I also cooked supper sausages on a bbq.

The youth group all seemed to have fun even the leader and another lady who got terribly lost. It was a really good evening.



4 Responses to “Youth Group”

  1. Amy

    how neat! Did he enjoy it?

  2. Rachel

    I love mazes!!! No wonder they had fun!

  3. Diane J.

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. And the grilled sausages sound great for supper. It’s storming here right now, with tornadoes not too far from us. No barbequeing for me for sppper.



  4. MamaDuck

    I love those mazes!!

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