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The other day Muzz sent me a news article. It carries a very important message.

Although this is a New Zealand story I am sure that you have the same or similar pain killer for children where ever you live. Paracetamol is the most common medicine in New Zealand family medicine cupboards. As with all medicines we are advised to lock them up in a high cupboard however in the past year it has put two toddlers in Palmerston North Hospital. They had swallowed enough of it to risk permanent liver damage.

The children are among 49 pre-schoolers each year that are brought into the MidCentral Health emergency department after accidental poisonings from medicines and cleaning agents. These children need intravenous treatment to prevent long-term damage.

We are reminded by paediatrician Giles Bates to store them much more carefully.

Most children who are unintentionally poisoned are five years and under. Preschoolers are explorers. They love climbing. They are curioses about everything around them. Its not enough to simply put them in the bathroom cupboard. Medicines MUST BE LOCKED UP !!

New Zealand’s 2nd most common injury with preschoolers which leads to hospital admissions is poisonings. Paracetamol is involved in about one in five of those admissions.

This can be prevented!!!!!!!!

We do have child-resistant lids on our medicines however they are NOT foolproof.



Getting to Know You Day – Be Random!

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Got this from Jana who was hosting the CAC blog yesterday

What did YOU eat last? toast with jam for breakfast and a drink of water forgot to get milk yesterday otherwise it would have been muesli and coffee

What about YOUR love life? Anyone special? Tell us about him/her! Muzz is my man whom I love dearly

What is it like where you live? I live in a pre1931 house with a bit of a section and at the back of our house there is a railway line which has trains rumbling along it (which Daniel doesnt like) and a main road then the beach
We have no trees on our section this is the only house we have lived at where there have been no trees Billy misses not being able to climb trees

What are YOUR favorite features about yourself? I like my hair style short and easy to look after

List 2 random things you love about life: I love chocolate and nuts
I also love blogging and little children

How did YOU find out about CAC?
I found CAC through my friend Jana 🙂

What do YOU love most about spring? its getting warmer 🙂
but alas it heading into autumn and winter time here 😦

Have a great day my friends and if you want to share they would be cool – Im nosy!!!

The little yellow Digger

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and the Red Tractor

Today has been an interesting day for Daniel.  Right outside our house and across the road there was been interesting things to watch.  This has occupied most of Daniel’s morning. As Daniel was a bit short to get a good view I took one of the dining room chairs out and he has had a front row seat.


Thankful Thursday

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ea14.gif Daniel had a nice long nap yesterday which gave me some time to myself

ea14.gif Muzz for taking us to the library today

ea14.gif For a internet website, which is where I got these cool crosses from as well as some other stuff

ea14.gifFor a bloggie friend of mine Lisa for blessing me yesterday with a sweet, loving comment

ea14.gif Muzz for buying me lunch today

ea14.gif the 20% sale which allowed me to get socks for Daniel today

ea14.gif Billy for making dinner tonight

ea14.gif for an early night after a busy day and waking up at 5.30 this morning Im grateful for my comfy bed

Tackle it Tuesday – Kitchen


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My fridge and pantry have been yelling at me for about a week so I decided for todays tackle I would do them and the dishes.



dsc02213.jpg dsc02211.jpgdsc02209.jpg

As so often when I start a tackle I get reved up and do more so I also cleaned the top of the fridge you should have seen the DUST!!!

Im a bit of a horder so I had been saving up these jars dsc02208.jpg for about a year or more with the intention of giving to a lady at playgroup who bottles fruit. It hadnt happened though so today I finally decided they had to go and since most of them didnt have lids or were too little I decided they should be recycled besides which I had a mountian of recycling to do anyway. I packed up the car with the intention of taking the recycles to the recycling centre tomorrow moring but after picking Billy up from school he suggested we go today and that hed help me so we did that too.

The removal of the jars allowed me to clean out that cupboard and therefore created more room for my cups and glasses.dsc02210.jpg

I have a much cleaner kitchen now 🙂


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Splat Designs is having a template design contest. Check it out!!!


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Psalm 12

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Psalm 12 (Contemporary English Version)
Contemporary English Version (CEV)


A Prayer for Help

1Please help me, LORD!


All who were faithful


and all who were loyal


have disappeared.


2Everyone tells lies,


and no one is sincere.


3Won’t you chop off


all flattering tongues


that brag so loudly?


4They say to themselves,


“We are great speakers.


No one else has a chance.”


5But you, LORD, tell them,


“I will do something!


The poor are mistreated


and helpless people moan.


I’ll rescue all who suffer.”


6Our LORD, you are true


to your promises,


and your word is like silver


heated seven times


in a fiery furnace.

7You will protect us


and always keep us safe


from those people.


8But all who are wicked


will keep on strutting,


while everyone praises


their shameless deeds.



Psalm 12:1 And He does!!! Faithfully, always!!

Psalm 12:2 Are we always sincere when we chat with other people?
Jesus was a truly genuine, honest, truthful, warm, friendly, genuine and approachable type of man. He always put others before himself.

Psalm 12:5 God sees how the helpless and poor are treated and He promises to help them.
In a testimony I heard recently He allowed the path of a homeless person to be crossed with a samatian type lady who brought the helpless, depressed lady into her home, feed her, clothed her and worked in her life until she was back on her feet.

Psalm 12:6 What God says He means. His words are faultless. His words are a exact mirror image of whom He is…He is His word.
I read that “when silver is being refined, the layers have to be taken off (such as with us, we must be refined through firey trials). After the final layer is removed, the refiner looks upon the silver and its like a mirror, he can see his own face. So the refiner sees himself in the silver’s reflection…so like us as God refines us, when we are refined God will look upon us and see Himself.” (Jenny on http://www.oneyearbibleblog.com/2007/01/january_14th_on.htm)

Psalm 12:7 He protects us and keeps us safe. We can run to Him knowing we will be protected.

Psalm 12:8 This is the way today’s society is. Everything is topsy-turvy the wicked are respected and the immoral acts are called good while the good is called bad.

Daniel and the new Vacum cleaner – yesterday helping Daddy

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Yesterday morning I got Daniel up out of his cot and the very first thing he said as I opened his door was “milk” (he says that word the best out of all the words he can now say)

This morning I got him up and praised him for sleeping all night long. I took him into the lounge as I usually do to have a cuddle on the couch until he was ready for his milk. He tells me when he wants it. Well he was grumpy!!! He got down off the couch and walked with purpose to the bedroom. He wanted his father. Charming!!! I was dumped by my little man!

I really should know better

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especially as I am in a serious committed relationship with a computer technician who ALWAYS says “save your work!!”
But I didnt save my addys for all of you. And this morning I lost the document that I have that tells me what post of read of yours. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I nearly cried. I have spent most of the morning researching to get most of u back. I have now (I think) and have a new document on here. Youll see it at the top by my banner called Bloggie Friends and places I visit March 2007

So I wont have to work so hard if it happens again

I dont now why my computer lost the document but it did 😦

I guess I should listen to my man more LOL

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