School Trip to the Museum

Posted On March 1, 2007

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This morning I went and helped Billy’s class with a school trip to the museum.  They are studying about the 1900’s my favourite time period.

When we got to the museum the kids were given period clothes to dress up in.  I got to wear a hat.  Then we had turns in an old school class room with fountain pens and ink.

We got to have a turn at churning butter, we watched the lady make a bees wax candle I so want one of these tin001b.jpg

We got to use an old type vacuum cleaner, an iron, a washing tub and board and wringer, sit in an old bath tub.  Listen to a gramophone.  Play games from that time.  Then we used the butter we had made on jam sandwiches.

Then we went over to the main part of the museum and looked at rooms done up in the old style – a library, a kitchen and a baby’s room.  The cot interested me.  Daniel would have climbed over the side now had it been his cot.  We also looked at some old paintings of people from that time period and viewed an exhibition on fashion.  Some of the dresses were LOVELY.  Very formal dresses.

After we had finished we went over to the park and had morning tea.  Billy’s teacher brought me a coffee and a slice of banana cake.   Then went back to school.  The more I have to do with Billy’s teacher the more I like her.



5 Responses to “School Trip to the Museum”

  1. Amy

    oh how cool! That sounds like my sort of school trip! Did you get any photos of you taken in period clothing?

  2. Murray Whittington

    Was the rooms clean and tidy like billy’s bedroom or not?

  3. Leticia

    I would have loved to go on that field trip! And then the added bonus of coffee and banana cake, yummy!

  4. Susanne

    I would love this kind of field trip. How fun does all that sound! My son used to love coming to the museum with me. We haven’t been for awhile. Hmmm, sounds like something to look into this weekend. :v)

  5. jenz

    I forgot my Camera and so did the teacher sori Amy wish I had taken it
    sounds like a good plan Susanne
    i didnt know what we were going to the museum for I was very pleasantly surprised
    i voluteered to go as i know i wont be able to do this for very much longer when i start working sometime later this year

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