Psalm 9

Posted On March 5, 2007

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To read this Psalm click here

these verses stood out for me:-

Psalm 1 and 2

No matter what happens to us we can praise Him, with all our hearts

For He is good

We can be glad even in hard times we can sing when times are bad because that’s when

He is strongest

It is part of our calling to tell others about Him

Psalm 9:10

By turning to God when I am depressed I find peace and rest

God answers pray

He comforts us when we are sad

He protects us during attacks from the devil or the world

Psalm 16

We don’t have to, nor ought we, judge others

Thats up to the Lord

He judges fairly

When others lie to us eventually they will fall into own lives

Psalm 9:18

This verse reminds us to remember the poor. Very soon my older son is going to be doing the 40 hour famine with the youth group. I read this blog regularly and pray for these children.


2 Responses to “Psalm 9”

  1. Barbara H.

    Good morning! Many of those verses and truths stood out to me as well.

  2. Shawna

    Those are some great truths! We have a wonderful Lord!

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