Tackle it Tuesday – 2 jobs completed this Tuesday (almost anyway)


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I have been meaning to do this tackle for a couple of weeks. Finally I got to it today.

This is our store room and at Christmas time I cleaned it all. However it needed a bit of maintenance again so thats what i did today. Now we can get in there again.





On Tuesday afternoons after school Billy goes to a private tutor for language and maths help. This is paid for by a family trust of which I am very grateful. On the way home from dropping him off for the hours lesson I was at an intersection when I saw some wood. It looked quite good wood. I sat at the intersection (it was a quite one) looking at this wood. I decided I better make my decision and do something. I drove over to where it was and looked closer. It was FREE and I knew it would do nicely for a project that I should ask the landlord to do but my landlord is useless. I piled the car up with the shorter pieces and drove home and unloaded. My next door neighbour saw me and said she could do with with a piece and as I assessed how much I needed I decided I needed another piece too so off I went to get more. After dropping it home, collecting Billy, having a quick dinner I got stuck in hammering and sawing the pieces of wood again till it got dark. I actually finished this tackle on today (Wednesday morning) but did most of the work Tuesday.



from left to right:- the right hand side of the deck (the bag contains nails which came off the roof at some stage they are GOOD nails), the back of the deck, the left hand side of the deck (all possible points of entry to danger to young inquisitive Daniel)


dsc02178.JPG dsc02179.jpgdsc02180.jpg


Daniel kept me focused on my job. I would have hated him to get under there. Whenever I felt tired and this was hard work. I thought of him and it spurred me on.

NB I did hit my thumb once OUCH!!!!

the reason:- we live in a pre1931 house and over the years people have dumped nails, glass and old stuff under the house. Our deck was a temptation to Daniel and I DO NOT want him under the deck so ta da!!! Now he can’t!!!


15 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – 2 jobs completed this Tuesday (almost anyway)”

  1. Denise

    Good for you sweety, great job.

  2. Jenny

    wow! looks like a major task done! thanks for visiting my site…

    seems like u’ve done more than i did…hehehe!

  3. Celeste

    Very good. I like finding free stuff like that to!

  4. Stephanie

    Hey – great job! I love coming up with a creative fix that actually works! πŸ™‚

  5. ChupieandJsmama

    Great tackle! That was a major undertaking, but it’s complete and works great. Good for you πŸ™‚

  6. Jennifer

    Good job!

  7. HsKubes

    Great tackles!
    Thanks for visiting mine today.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    ~ Christina

  8. Murray Whittington

    What a great task, now with the boards I actually thought it was good to see a female try and do some wood working and I take my hat off to the lady who did it, because “WOMAN CAN DO ANYTHING” after all Women and Men are equal, not one sided.

    Good on you Jen for taking on a challenging task, if you find more of that board please can you grab some as I could do with some to make a desk shelf for my computer.


  9. Stacey

    How smart!

  10. Beckie

    Wow! LOOKS GOOD!! Great tackles!!

  11. Michelle

    Wow! You accomplished quite a bit. Super! I love those free curb side “deals”. Are you a member of a free cycle group in your area? Those are great.

  12. Jana

    OMW!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen!!!!! Not only did you tackle your cleaning, but you tackled a manly construction task! You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad Daniel is safer as well, now you can brag to your landlord that you can do maintenance better than he can! lOL

  13. Rachel

    You are inspiring me with your tuesday tackles! I am getting somewhat productive too!

  14. jenz

    Thanks everyone πŸ™‚

    Youre right Muzz WOMAN CAN DO ANYTHING and it makes this woman feel good when she can do it!! πŸ™‚

    Jana LOL I could too hadnt thought of that πŸ™‚
    I actually took woodwork in 3rd form I had liked it so much at intermediate. I dont see it as manly

    Pleased to be an inspiration Rach πŸ™‚ You’ll have to blog about your productiveness too

  15. Mary

    Wow! So much in one day, wish I was you…I know that feeling and it’s a good one!

    I love the before and after pics! This Tackle Tuesday feature is great~!

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