My Favorite Things

Posted On March 15, 2007

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click the picture to link to the CAC blog


Today’s host is my good friend Jana so Im supporting this one

We have to list our favorite(s):

Flower to look at: Gerberagerbera-orange.jpg

Feature of your favorite animal:  soft fluffy fur11p002200000033-m.jpg

Item in your kitchen: Billy when he cooks 🙂 or ummm . . . kitchen hand whizz

Item of comfy clothing: (or outfit, if you feel the need!) jeans

Thing to recieve through the mail: books from members of Trademe

Color on your favorite animal: black and white

Food to cook: (be forwarned, we may be asking you for the recipe if it sounds good! lol)  Mince Jeanettey

Ringtone style: playground

Wild animal (or fantasy creature, if you’re so inclined):  Lion hes majestic

Outfit to dress a little girl in: dressdsc02187.jpg

Thing to do with snow: dont have much experience it doesnt snow here but maybe throw snowballs?

Weather: sunny


4 Responses to “My Favorite Things”

  1. Leticia

    I love the kitty!

  2. Jana

    Jen, i’ve never heard of that flower, but it looks really pretty. Kinda like a daisy?

    What is “Mince Jeanettey”???

    Thanks for joining the fun!!!!! *hug*

  3. jenz

    Jana its a concoction of mine
    my real name is Jeanette
    and its made of mince, veges, soya sauce all cooked and mixed up together hence I call it Mince Jeanettey
    we like it 🙂

  4. Denise

    This was interesting, thanks for sharing.

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