Thursday 13 – The Ultimate Party Blog Introductions

Posted On March 15, 2007

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Last week there was the Ultimate Party Blog run by Janice and Susan at 5 minutes for Mum ubpbanner3-welcome.jpg

We were required to introduce some bloggers to others this week so I decided I would do this via this meme

I ended up visiting 1/2 the participants and so even whittling them down to 13 was hard!!

1 Lisa at And Babies make 6 who after using IVF ended up with triplets she has a lovely family such sweet children

2 What drew me to Dari was the way she did her blogs for the Party. Its the way I would have done them had I had time. Check out her site at Charmed and Dangerous

3 If you know anything about me you’ll know Im a sucker for a cute wee face and at Morgan’s site theres 2 of them. Again another mom with handsome boys.

4 I have nice Candian bloggie friends and heres another one I hope. Melissa also has adorable twins
5 Toni has posted some really good posts over the last week so shes in my Top 13 too.

6 Val‘s daughter is the same age as Daniel. Shes a professional photographer so I hope to see some of her work at some stage. She also love stage plays as I do

7 With her beautiful smile and her looks she reminds me of a cousin of mine. She also has a pretty little daughter. Check out Crazy Bloggin Canuck

8 What made me notice Crystal’s blog is her Party post and what a lovely family she has. Crystal has 2 blogs. Onone of her blogs she talks about her homeschooling experiences and in the other one (in which she introduced us to a wonderful Christain singer the other day) she talks about other things

The last of lot of my 13 are all New Zealanders.

9 Jess lives in my own home town of Auckland. She has 4 children

10 This lady use to be a school teacher and is now a sahm of 4. She also likes similar music to me. Introducing Karen aka Oacemama

11 Rach is also another mama with 2 blogs. Shes a down to earth lady check out her blogs at Intricate Simplicity and Down the Garden Path. I feel like Im learning a lot from her already.

12 My sister has a large family so I like learning about the dynamics of large families. The thing that has stuck me this week is how inventive and helpful this family is. Go see the wheelchair or the cupcake made by a 12 year old at Inventions and Adventures

13 Lastly I introduce you to Kate. They live in the sunny Bay of Plenty. Shes crafty remaking necklaces and such out of other stuff she finds.


15 Responses to “Thursday 13 – The Ultimate Party Blog Introductions”

  1. Denise

    Sounds like you really enjoyed the blog party, bless you.

  2. Melissa

    Oh I’m so excited! I made the list! 🙂 I’m so behind on making my list…. or even visiting all the blogs from the party. What a party eh?

  3. Jess

    Wow! Thanks for listing me! I don’t know if you realise, but all the other Kiwi girls you mentioned are my friends IRL!!!
    Love Jess

  4. kate5kiwis

    hello jen
    thanks for the heads-up…
    yes, it’s funny, my aux friends have *finally* started blogging: it sure does help a girl keep in touch lol
    happy days :o)

  5. Dariana

    Hi Jen, thank you so much for the intro and for your comments on the Heroes video I posted. I am going to add a link to you, there is a lot of reading here and I like what I see. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Lynne

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks so much for adding me to your list! I’ve really enjoyed the comments you have left on your visits. I too am a bit behind on posting my party fun. I hope to have some time this weekend as all of my little ones are feeling so much better. Have a great day!

  7. jenz

    thanks my new friends 🙂

  8. jenz

    thats cool Jess ive always wanted to meet my bloggie friends
    maybe one day 🙂

  9. Leticia

    That blog party sounds like fun.

  10. Rach

    Hi Jen – you’ll be thinking I’m really rude not getting back to you yet…..usually I just do my “other blog reading” on Monday nights. I’ll catch up with you then…and as Jess said, yes we are all REAL LIVE MATES!

  11. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Great linking!! Thanks for spreading the link love Jen!

    Thanks so much for your prayers today and always! 🙂 You rock!

  12. Damselfly

    Hi, it was nice to meet you at the blog party!

  13. Amber

    I’m honored to make your list! I, too am so happy for the friends I made during the big party!

  14. Mary

    Jen, these were great intros! Great way to do a Thursday Thirteen too, can’t wait to visit some of these great sounding blogs!

  15. rindy

    I loved the blog party…tried to make it around to lots of blogs. It is great getting to know so many new people…and I will check out all the ones I’ve missed!! Enjoy the day!!

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