This Weekend – 40 hour Famine weekend and the end of Day Light Saving

Posted On March 18, 2007

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I went down to the church and prepared for the 40 hour famine sleep over.  I ripped up  heaps of newspapers and put in a large rectangle pit. They used the pit as a “rubbish tip” where the children could go at specific times and find tags they corresponded with prizes like juice, a barley sugar lolly or more rice to eat.  (they were permitted to eat 1/2 cup of rice at breakfast time. lunchtime and dinner time)

After I had finished this and after supper.  (The last supper before the faminers started there famine).  I listened to the guest speaker with the kids.  This lady lived on the streets in the Hawkes Bay in the 70’s during winter one year.  She had come from the Uk and ran out of $$.  She slept on the beach and ate of rubbish bins until a lady befriended her, took her home, feed her and looked after her and even got her a job waitressing.  It was an interesting talk.  Im so thankful this lady was befriended by this kind samaratian.

I then did the dishes.   Then went home for the night leaving Billy watching a DVD and preparing for his sleep over.  While a few adults stayed with the kids.  I didnt.  As I decided a few years ago that its not fair to the kids when Mummy doesnt get enough sleep.  I get grumpy.


I went back to the church at 930am.  Where I helped with the car wash.  We ended up raising $200 for a trip the youth group next weekend.  I washed a few cars and fetched many many buckets of hot, soapy water for the others.  The car wash lasted 3 hours.

Then at  lunchtime I cooked the rice for lunch.  After lunch and doing the dishes I helped for 1/2 an hour cleaning up  the hall.  Then everyone went home for a quite afternoon.  Billy was tired out.  I also babysat the next door neighbours kids for an hour.


Usually Daniel wakes me at 6.30am hes my alarm clock well this morning it was 5.30am!!! 😦

I am not a morning person.  However Daniel didnt know he was ultra early and yesterday morning he wouldnt have been but Day Light Saving ended.

I had a quiet afternoon after church.  A service that moved me greatly.  I got rather quietly upset.  Even crying in church.   Muzz looked after Daniel in the creche today which in ways was good.  Although I got upset I probably needed to grieve a little.


6 Responses to “This Weekend – 40 hour Famine weekend and the end of Day Light Saving”

  1. Toni

    You’ve had a very busy weekend! It sounds like church struck an emotional cord too. That can be difficult but healing too, yes?
    Ha! My 3mo is my alarm clock too (and while I love him dearly, I don’t enjoy an early wake up call either). Oh, and the DVD player must be nice. One of these days we’ll get ours.

  2. kate5kiwis

    i love that rubbish heap idea:
    that is so cool.
    it would’ve really helped the kiddos to connect with their brothers and sisters in less fortunate countries, i’m sure.

  3. Amy

    You’ve definitely had a busy weekend! We put our clocks back an hour too, winter’s on it’s way 🙂

  4. jenz

    it did as did only eating 1/2 cup of rice at meal times and the need to ask for water to drink

    Amy I prefer summer 🙂

  5. Heidi

    HI. I’m checking in after the Ultimate Blog party.
    The 40 hour famine is something I’ve never been able to do. Kudos to your child for doing it. All those activities sounded great. It sounded like you were super busy with your child’s activities too!

  6. Denise

    Wow, what a busy, but interesting weekend my sweet friend.

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