No Playgroup for Us Today but We did do a Tuesday Tackle instead

I had just dropped Billy at school and was on my way to playgroup when I heard a strange noise from the back seat. I looked in my rear vision mirror and saw an unhappy Daniel with vomit all over him. I pulled over and wiped him up a bit. Drove the rest of the way to the playgroup told them I wouldnt be there today and why. I help set up and am usually the first one there so I felt it was important to let them know as quickly as I could that I wouldnt be there.

Then we went home. I gave Daniel a nice warm bath which he loves. He knows the word bath and gets excited. He seems ok apart from a yukky nappy. Washed his car-seat and decided that while I was at home and while it is Tuesday here today best get stuck into my Tuesday Tackle for this week.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

click on the picture to link


This tackle is going to be completed tomorrow 🙂 I have heaps of washing to do


Tonight we had a picnic dinner at the nearby children’s park.  Billy has wanted to do this for some weeks now


17 Responses to “No Playgroup for Us Today but We did do a Tuesday Tackle instead”

  1. Marcia

    Hi Jen

    (I saw you don’t like Jenny) LOL

    Hope you managed to finish your tackle. I hate laundry – will do anything to avoid it at all costs.

    This week, my tackle is recipes and the front of my fridge.


  2. Dariana

    I must be wierd, I actually enjoy doing laundry, lol. Go figure.

  3. Amber

    Poor little guy! My daughter has thrown up TWICE in our new car since we got in last month…and she’s not a kid who throws up. And so my lovely new car smells like puke. I, too need to hose it down!

  4. Celeste

    So sorry about the puke!
    Laundry is a biggie! Something I must tackle.

  5. Heather

    Ah, poor little one. Hope he’s all better now.

  6. Karen

    Oh my! So sorry about the vomit in the car. Good luck getting through that laundry!

  7. Toni

    Aw Jen,
    He probably caught it when you visited MY blog, lol. I posted about “the bug” too. I’ll add Daniel to our prayers.

  8. mrs.diamond

    aww poor lil daniel. i hope he’s all better now.

    laundry is one of my more favorite household chores. i like the smell of fresh clean laundry 🙂

  9. Barbara H.

    Hope Daniel is feeling better now. I have to do laundry every 2-3 days anyway, more if someone is sick.

  10. Jennifer

    Awwww, the poor sweetie, hope he’s feeling better. And sorry you had to deal with the cleanup, that’s one thing I don’t handle well. Hope you are able to get your tackle done to your satisfaction!

  11. Denise

    Bless your little ones heart, hope he is feeling better now.

  12. ChupieandJsmama

    Hope your tackle is complete! I have a ton of laundry to do too. Hope your little one is feeling better!

  13. jen

    Thanks everyone I feel blessed to be visited by so many wonderful ladies
    will come and visit u today
    Toni I think he got it but I forgive u

  14. Leticia

    Ohhhh…poor little baby! I hope he is all better now.

  15. Mary

    Oh cleaning carseats is the worst! That was a tackle in itself!

    I do enjoy your Tuesday Tackles! How is Daniel tonight?


  16. supermom

    Poor boy. I hope he is much better by now.

  17. Mary

    Guess what, I did a Tuesday Tackle! You inspired me! Thanks, Jen! Can’t wait to see what you do…

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