Thankful Thursday

Posted On March 22, 2007

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  • Muzz for coming and recusing me when I ran out of petrol this morning

  • The man whom helped push our car around the corner onto a quieter road when we ran out of petrol this morning

  • Muzz for buying me a new vacum cleaner

  • Muzz for lunch at McDonalds

  • Muzz’s dad for forgiving me for something I did a while ago.  I felt so awful before I confessed to him.  And He was so awesome about it.  This forgiveness is something new for me by an elder.

  • And Dads (Muzz’s) forgiveness reminded me of how awesome God is He too forgives us even though we dont deserve it




14 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Amy

    Muzz sounds like a gem 🙂

  2. Denise

    Awesome list, blessings to you and muzz.

  3. Shane

    Hello there! Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my “ADHD & LD Resource Blog.” I’m glad you found the IEP information helpful. Good luck at the meeting. I hope you stop back by sometime.

  4. Beckie

    WOW, hang onto your Muzz! Thanks for sharing these. Forgiveness is the best gift of all.

    Blessings to you.

  5. eph2810

    It is awesome that you have such a wonderful man in your life 🙂

    Forgiveness is a wonderful thing to give and to receive.

    Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us this week.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  6. Heather

    Forgiveness is an amazing thing. It makes both parties feel better. You have a beautiful list. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Diane J.

    You have had an eventful day, hmmmm? 😉

    When someone forgives us, it makes us more mindful of when we need to forgive, doesn’t it?

    I’m thankful for my daughter. Jessica is on her way to take me fishing. I’m thankful for the time we can spend together now that she’s married and grown up.

    Have a blessed day, Jen.



  8. Toni

    That Muzz is a keeper! And it sounds like his Dad is an awesome man as well.

  9. Kathleen Marie

    What a great list. I think forgiveness is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. Without it I wouldn’t be Heaven bound!

  10. jenz

    thanks everyone
    I fully intend on keeping my man 🙂
    Ive been blessed

  11. Leticia

    Wonderful list!!

  12. marlise

    I enjoyed your list. Thanks for sharing.

  13. NMOTB

    Great List – I too have soooooooo much to be thankful for!!!!

  14. Terri-In His Hands

    Yay for Muzz! Great list, Jen! A new vacumn cleaner–how fun! It’s funny how something like that can really make a difference!
    I loved reading your post above and getting to know you better. The question, #18 had me laughing out loud–what a funny question!

    Thanks for sharing!

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