Daniel and the new Vacum cleaner – yesterday helping Daddy

Posted On March 25, 2007

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7 Responses to “Daniel and the new Vacum cleaner – yesterday helping Daddy”

  1. Diane J.

    I wonder how much it’ll cost you to get him to do that in a few years? 🙂

    He’s adorable.



  2. Murray Whittington

    well lady’s, I got to admit, DJ had to vacume, if daddy had the vacume cleaner in his hand “DJ” had to pack a sad, until I gave the vacume cleaner back to DJ its all sweet and he helped daddy clean up Billy’s room too by vacuming while daddy clean up the rubbish.

    Daniel was daddy’s boy for a good 24 hours and i admire that, and Jen had plenty on her hands as well and DJ wanted to be with Daddy continuously, I feel bad that Jen didn’t get her morning hugs etc from Dj when HE decided to run to go and wake daddy up at 6am odd time in the morning ….

    together we learnt of looking after each other with:

    1. Love
    2. Fun
    3. Hugs
    4. helping each other when needed.

  3. Lynne

    He is so cute. He would have so much fun at our house with the triplets. They look to be pretty close in age.

  4. jenz

    thanks Diane and I wonder probably wont be so keen shame

    Lynne Daniel is 16 months old

  5. Denise

    He is so cute, love the pictures.

  6. Mary

    He is adorable, and looks like he’s having so much fun! Forget toys, right? My two year old is fascinated with the vacuum also.

  7. Amy

    lol he looks cute! You might have him well trained in the area of housework 🙂

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