Tackle it Tuesday – Kitchen


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My fridge and pantry have been yelling at me for about a week so I decided for todays tackle I would do them and the dishes.



dsc02213.jpg dsc02211.jpgdsc02209.jpg

As so often when I start a tackle I get reved up and do more so I also cleaned the top of the fridge you should have seen the DUST!!!

Im a bit of a horder so I had been saving up these jars dsc02208.jpg for about a year or more with the intention of giving to a lady at playgroup who bottles fruit. It hadnt happened though so today I finally decided they had to go and since most of them didnt have lids or were too little I decided they should be recycled besides which I had a mountian of recycling to do anyway. I packed up the car with the intention of taking the recycles to the recycling centre tomorrow moring but after picking Billy up from school he suggested we go today and that hed help me so we did that too.

The removal of the jars allowed me to clean out that cupboard and therefore created more room for my cups and glasses.dsc02210.jpg

I have a much cleaner kitchen now 🙂


23 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – Kitchen”

  1. Denise

    Woo Hoo, well done my friend.

  2. tanyetta

    love the before and after photos. i need to get on a mission! 🙂

  3. Murray Whittington

    Seeing the food made me Hungry, mmm I think Ill go and raid teh fridge now, before Jen raids it lol.

  4. jenz

    thanks Denise and Tanyette
    Im too busy to be hungry yet Muzz

  5. Diane J.

    Good job, Jen! You accomplished a lot and it looks great, much neater now.

    My fridge is filthy, and I dread having to clean it. I had some big plans for Monday, laundry and other cleaning, but I woke up with a sinus infection and strep throat. Hopefully I’ll feel better in a few days so I can get busy.

  6. misslionheart

    Why don’t you pop over to Ireland and clean my fridge? 😆

    You worked hard!

  7. Nicki G

    You say ‘a bit of a hoarder’….don’t you mean ALOT of a hoarder!!!!
    Well done, Sis, looks great, love you xox Nic

  8. Jenny

    I did the same tackle last week but haven’t got a chance to post it! U did an amazing job! This time my tackle is pretty easy…

  9. Celeste

    Great job!

  10. Mona

    You did an awesome job! I am the same way, attacking a job leads to attacking another, and another! lol :o) You are doing great, keep it up!


  11. Toni

    Looks lovely, Jen. Want to come over and do mine? 😉

  12. Amy

    yeah I must admit my fridge needs a darn good clean too!

  13. Jenny

    I SO need to do that, congratulations!

  14. jenz

    thanks everyone

  15. Leticia

    Let me give you my address and come and tackle my porch and backyard! lol!!

  16. Mary

    Ew, one of my least favorite jobs…tackling the fridge! I get in the rut of wiping it down haphazardly rather than deep cleaning as often as it needs. I did clean the top of my dusty fridge yesterday though!

    Loved the pics! You’ll hate messing it up for dinner tonight! ;O)

  17. Coffee 2 go

    WOW! I´m impressed – I want to look my kitchen like yours, too.
    Cleaning mine is one of the topics I´ve posted at my first TiT today.

  18. Devildogwife

    Great job! Everything looks fantastic!

  19. rhiannon

    Looking good! and it’s such a nice feeling isn’t it? It’s just a shame it always gets messy again so quickly, well.. mine does anyway! : )

  20. Liza

    Looks great! You’ve been busy!

  21. jenz

    anytime Leti
    thanks Mary
    shall come and check it out coffee2go
    Hi Rhiannon my new bloggie friend
    thanks Lisa

  22. Susanne

    Well, you just might be inspiring me to keep going with my kitchen! Looks great!

  23. Kathleen Marie

    That is so nice when someone takes us to eat…wonderful!

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