Posted On March 31, 2007

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The other day Muzz sent me a news article. It carries a very important message.

Although this is a New Zealand story I am sure that you have the same or similar pain killer for children where ever you live. Paracetamol is the most common medicine in New Zealand family medicine cupboards. As with all medicines we are advised to lock them up in a high cupboard however in the past year it has put two toddlers in Palmerston North Hospital. They had swallowed enough of it to risk permanent liver damage.

The children are among 49 pre-schoolers each year that are brought into the MidCentral Health emergency department after accidental poisonings from medicines and cleaning agents. These children need intravenous treatment to prevent long-term damage.

We are reminded by paediatrician Giles Bates to store them much more carefully.

Most children who are unintentionally poisoned are five years and under. Preschoolers are explorers. They love climbing. They are curioses about everything around them. Its not enough to simply put them in the bathroom cupboard. Medicines MUST BE LOCKED UP !!

New Zealand’s 2nd most common injury with preschoolers which leads to hospital admissions is poisonings. Paracetamol is involved in about one in five of those admissions.

This can be prevented!!!!!!!!

We do have child-resistant lids on our medicines however they are NOT foolproof.



10 Responses to “LOCK THEM UP!!!”

  1. Diane J.

    Yes, we have similar medications, and we have a LOT of accidental overdoses and poisonings of children.

    I ate a whole bottle of baby aspirin when I was tiny and now I’m very sensitive to any product with aspirin. Even some lotions and face creams have aspirin in them and I can tell immediately if they do. My face burns and swells, and turns scarlet! Aspirin is sometimes labeled as salicylic acid.

    I’ll have to be very careful when my grandbaby comes along. I’ve not been so vigilant since Jessica got old enough that I didn’t have to be so careful about keeping medicines and cleaners out of reach.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Jen!

    Love and hugs,


  2. NMOTB

    Hi Jen, Just stopping by to wish you and your family a Happy Easter – Will pop round when we get back!!!

  3. Susanne

    So true. Great reminder!

  4. Debbie

    Jen you are so right. We do need to be very careful with what we leave available to our small children and animals. My cats love to eat my plants and my granddaughter follows along, so I have to be careful not to introduce poisonous ones into my house!

    As for childproof caps, I think kids are the only ones who can open them! LOL

  5. Barb

    You know, this is something I absolutely know and yet here I am with a 21 month old grandson getting into everything in my house and I haven’t done it yet. Stupid me. Thanks for waking me up, Jen!

  6. Denise

    This is so important, thanks for sharing this information my sweet friend.

  7. eph2810

    Wow, I didn’t know that even children’s medicine can cause liver damage. Great warning.

    Blessings to you weekend and always…

  8. Amber

    What an excellent reminder. Sometimes I get too lax that my daughter won’t bother getting into those dangerous things!

  9. Leticia

    We had taught our boys at a very young age what was medicine and that it would make them very sick if they took it without mommy and daddy giving it to them. And that they would have to go the “doctor” and “get many shots” to make them better. The point got across.

  10. jenz

    wow Diane Im pleased u lived though it shame about the side effects though

    Good point Debbie

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