Tackle it Tuesday kitchen cupboards

Posted On April 10, 2007

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Im sure that when I eventually start work Muzz is going to be a better housekeeper than I am. Hes going to be a house-dad when I eventually get a job. Anyway he pointed out to me the disarray of my kitchen cupboards and threatened in the nicest possible way that if I didnt do something he would. Bossy boots.

So today I decided it was time to do something and as you can see from the before photos they were in rather a mess.

Hopefully the cupboards and drawer will stay tidy now. Billy take note put the dishes away carefully when you dry them.

Kitchen Tupperware cupboard before and after

kitchen-tupperaware-draw-before.jpg kitchen-tupperaware-draw-after.jpg

Kitchen bits and pieces draw before and after


Kitchen Pot Cupboard before and after




12 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday kitchen cupboards”

  1. dav8rslilsis

    Oh my gosh. I forgot about the cupboard and the silverware drawer. Great job especially with the pots!

    Found you by way of 5 minutes for mom of course. Hope you don’t mind me dropping in.

  2. jenz

    not at all
    I did my pantry the other week but didnt do these
    now I have a nice clean kitchen

  3. Steph

    Great tackle! I did that a couple of weeks ago but the Tupperware cupboard needs it again already! They’re the worst, especially when someone who didn’t have to sift through it is the one who puts the dishes away!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Murray Whittington

    Bossey Boots eh!

    I look forward to doing more house cleaning one day soon more often….

  5. jen

    LOL yeah Muzz
    but u know I love ya

  6. Debbie

    Jen you did good girl. Wish I had a stay at home to help me! Isn’t it funny how the kitchen over time just becomes a jumbled mess that has to be cleaned up? Mine is fast approaching that now!

    The picture on my blog you commented on was indeed my granddaughter! Her daddy’s mother makes her a special dress each holiday and that was her easter dress!

  7. Barbara H.

    Looks great — good work!

  8. Susanne

    Don’t you just love when they hint oh, so gently! Good for you for getting to it!

  9. Jenny-up the hill

    I hate organizing tupperware…I just throw it all into a cupboard and that’s just not good! lol!!

  10. jenz

    thanks everyone

  11. Amy

    My kitchen cupboards are like yours, I really do need to tidy my pantry today!

  12. Denise

    You did a great job my friend.

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