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Posted On April 11, 2007

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A very special bloggy friend of mine awarded me this award last Thursday. She has been so patient waiting for me to pick it up. Shes also been very supportive, loving and caring over my problem. I told her before I shared on my blog. I knew shed be a tower of strength to me and I wasnt wrong in fact she has been all that and more. Her name is Denise and I urge you to go finish her blog shes lovely and so is her blog.Now, as requested by the rules of this award meme, I must choose five women to tag with the thinking blogger award. There are so many beautiful blogs to choose from, but I have chosen the following five blogs.

  • Erica from Butterfly Kisses is a lovely Christian lady whom inspires me. She has a real heart for those less fortunate. She has 2 lovely children. With her Psalm Sunday meme I am in a wonderful study of what these Psalm mean
  • Janice and Susan from 5 minutes for Mom are twins who are both preggy at the moment its so exciting. They are lovely ladies who love bringing mums together – they understand the importance of mums networking with each other. They are generous and with their Tuesday Tackles they not only motivate me they make me think about what I can do to clean my house a bit more each week.
  • Lynne from And Babies Make Six is a mum of 4 children, 3 being triplets. I love her blog and the interesting things her kids get up too. When I was preggy with Daniel I had thoughts of great it would be to have twins. I really wanted twins. This blog allows me to see and understand a little of how it would have been. Lynne recently shared how her older son is beginning to get a real understanding about praying to God. Being an early childhood educator I enjoy reading how her preschoolers are experiencing the world around them.
  • Jana from Jana’s Journey I love how Jana is so real and isnt afraid to share where she is up to in her life. I also recently have got challenged by her blog.  Jana has started doing weekly quotes quiz. I was a late starter with these quizzes but the last two have been brilliant I particularly enjoyed the Easter one and the nursery rhyme one. These make my brain work LOL. Jana also has a wonderful sense of humour.
  • Lisa from The Preachers Wife I havent been reading Lisa’s blog for long but as shes the last person who made me think in bloggyville I have awarded her too. She has also just started an exciting, challenging bible study about Moses and as I have just finished about Moses in my bible reading I am going to take part. Her blog also made me realise last night that although Im hurting a bit there is bound to be another sister in Christ who is actually hurting more than I am.

So here are the additional rules: If, and only if, you are tagged, write a post with five links to blogs that make you think.
Link to this post so people can find the exact origin of the meme.
Optional: proudly display the “Thinking Blogger Award” with a link to the post that you wrote. Above are two versions to choose from.


8 Responses to “Thinking Blogger Award”

  1. Denise

    You really deserved this award my friend, I love you.

  2. thepreacherswife

    You certainly did deserve this award and I thank you for honoring me with it as well…I am so glad you are participating in the I AM Study! There will be another lesson up soon..I’ll email you and let you know!! :))

    Have a great day!!

  3. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    YOU totally deserve this award! So glad Denise honored you with it!
    And how KIND of you to mention us! 🙂 I am very honored!

    I am always so grateful for you and your friendship. You are such a faithful friend – consistently commenting and brightening my day. (Even when I am a terrible bloggy friend and don’t get out to see my friends nearly enough!)

    Thank you for this and for your friendship!

  4. jenz

    thanks again Denise and you were so patient
    bug hugs

    I really enjoyed the study the preachers wife

    your very welcome Janice I love your blog hugs

  5. Dariana

    WTG Jen and YES you definitely deserve this. You have the most amazing blog and you definitely write many thought-provoking posts. I love the new place too!

  6. Janice (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Thanks so much again Jen. I have written my post, but i will be publishing it on Thursday night probably.

    THANKS 🙂

  7. Cyndi

    I’ve been reading over your site, and I *totally* concur with your nomination! (And I love the ones you nominated as well. 🙂

  8. Panicos


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