Daniel in his own way told us about this

Posted On April 16, 2007

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Daniel is observant. He says “look, look” often each day and points out things that interest him.

He has also taken to leading us by the hand to show us what interests him.

Yesterday afternoon Daniel had been at the front door. He was taking an interest in the world around him. Muzz and I were inside on our computers. He grabbed hold of Muzz and led him out to the front porch. “WOW!!” I heard Muzz say I went to investigate.

There was thick black smoke billowing into the sky in the distance. We stood and watched and discussed what we were seeing. This morning Muzz sent me this news link.


3 Responses to “Daniel in his own way told us about this”

  1. Denise

    Daniel is a sweet blessing, children are amazing.

  2. Alice

    Chidren are indeed observant. They see the things that adults often misses. They are somehow more in tune with their surroundings… It was like how those little ones in my church stand in amazement with oohs and aahs watching crows flying around. Adults just shrugged them off. And there I was watching the children and adult and the birds. LOL.

  3. Toni

    Oh my! Daniel is quite an observant young man. Btw, do New Zealanders spell “tires” as “tyres”? And don’t you have a different word than we do for farm (here in America, a farm is usually meant to be a place in the countryside with plenty of land and either crops or animals are raised).

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