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Posted On April 16, 2007

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Got this meme off Kates blog.

The idea is you’re supposed to take a picture of your desk (NO cleaning, decluttering or any primping allowed) and post it.


The belt on the drawers is to keep Daniel out of them.  Hes not wearing the belt yet so in the meantime Im putting it to good use.

The clothes need to be listed on the New Zealand auction site Trademe

The box underneath them has my papers in it

The papers beside the clothes and box are papers that misfeed from my printer yesterday they need putting away

Believe it or not theres a phone under them

The 2 books on my computer screen are bibles, my one and a children’s one

On the wall are some of my collection of fans, my home made calendar, and a copy of a painting I found when I was at uni I love this painting but I cant remember who painted it

I put my computer itself up on a shelf a few months ago it saves room or would if my desk wasnt so cluttered

I think I should add my desk to my Tuesday Tackle (its messy!!!)


Know come on friends I want to be nosy and see where you blog 🙂  







9 Responses to “Desk Tag”

  1. kate5kiwis

    lol jen
    great to see your space.
    my table looks like the inside of my head !!!!!!!!
    stuff and sparkles everywhere :o)

  2. Murray Whittington

    looks like I need to put brackets in place to hold the pc on the shelf in case it drops off.

  3. Denise

    Glad to know that my desk is not the only messy one around, lol

  4. Jana

    I love the fans!!!!!

  5. Leticia

    I don’t have a way to post a pic of my desk, but I can be truly honest and say it is completely nice and neat, hee.

  6. Mary

    Guess I’m off the hook, not having a digital camera???

    Fun seeing where you blog! I’m in the corner of my LR, wedged between the piano and the bookcase, facing the corner (fun)…I have a cheapie desk but dh has plans drawn up to build me one “someday”…and I just cleaned my desk off last week! Amazing. It’s getting a few stacks here and there already, as I go over my writer conference notes and thumb through my manuscript transposing all my changes!

    It’s been challenging concentrating, today especially with a fort going up in the room behind me and tractor noises filling the house from work going on outside…

  7. jenz

    thanks everyone for your comments
    shame I cant see where you blog
    I have 5 of them Jana

  8. Alice Teh

    Hallo Jen, what an ultracool work space. I can’t bring myself to be in such a situation, though it’s not completely impossible. I’ll go home tonight and take a snapshot WITHOUT cleaning/sprucing anything. Be right back! LOL.

  9. eph2810

    You are too funny, Jen :)…I am going to be honest, it would drive me nuts to have that much on my desk 🙂 – thank you for sharing…

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