Psalm 14

Posted On April 16, 2007

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Psalm 14

(New International Version)


1 The fool says in his heart,
“There is no God.”
They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
there is no one who does good.


2 The LORD looks down from heaven
on the sons of men
to see if there are any who understand,
any who seek God.


3 All have turned aside,
they have together become corrupt;
there is no one who does good,
not even one.


4 Will evildoers never learn—
those who devour my people as men eat bread
and who do not call on the LORD ?


5 There they are, overwhelmed with dread,
for God is present in the company of the righteous.


6 You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor,
but the LORD is their refuge.


7 Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!
When the LORD restores the fortunes of his people,
let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad!



2 takes on this Psalm from 2 different versions of the Bible

1st take comes from The One Year Bible Blog

At first glance this Psalm may seem discouraging as we study verse 3
However, this verse does have truth in it. When we compare ourselves with others it is true no one is perfect. The only man that was ever or will ever be perfect is Jesus who wasn’t around when this Psalm was written.
We are only able to become perfect in heaven because of what Jesus did here on earth.
It is Jesus whom provides us with the hope that is spoken about in Psalm 7
We can shout for joy and rejoice about the salvation that Jesus allows us to have.

Psalm 14
(The Message)

1 Bilious and bloated, they gas, “God is gone.”
Their words are poison gas,
fouling the air; they poison
Rivers and skies;
thistles are their cash crop.
2 God sticks his head out of heaven.
He looks around.
He’s looking for someone not stupid—
one man, even, God-expectant,
just one God-ready woman.
3 He comes up empty. A string
of zeros. Useless, unshepherded
Sheep, taking turns pretending
to be Shepherd.
The ninety and nine
follow their fellow.
4 Don’t they know anything,
all these impostors?
Don’t they know
they can’t get away with this—
Treating people like a fast-food meal
over which they’re too busy to pray?
5-6 Night is coming for them, and nightmares,
for God takes the side of victims.
Do you think you can mess
with the dreams of the poor?
You can’t, for God
makes their dreams come true.
7 Is there anyone around to save Israel?
Yes. God is around; God turns life around.
Turned-around Jacob skips rope,
turned-around Israel sings laughter.




When I read this Pslam in The Message I am reminded of the lands that God destroyed. There weren’t any worthy people living in those lands, not one, which would have allowed Him to save those places. God destroyed the whole world once because of this, only saving one worthy family, that of Noah‘s.

It also reminds me of the warning that is in the Bible that warns us about trusting people who look like they know what they are preaching about but in fact are imposters.

Lastly, we are reminded that if we live right, if we believe and follow God. Our lives will be changed. I know mine has since I become a Christian. Before I was depressed, lonely and without hope. Now I am surrounded by like mind people who love me, I have a joy in my life even when I am down and I have hope that one day I will be with Him in heaven and that I will be reunited with loved ones who have gone before me.
Last thought
I believe that people who don’t believe in God are lost. They need praying for. Wise people search for God.


2 Responses to “Psalm 14”

  1. Denise

    Beautifully said my friend, bless you.

  2. Barbara H.

    Good thoughts. “There but for the grace of God go I” as someone said. Christ makes the difference in hearts — I need to share Him more.

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