what the guys are saying

Posted On April 21, 2007

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“Your addicted to the internet” Muzz last night

“Your brain sucked into the computer” Billy this morning

I dont really think I have a problem. I do, do other things. Like:-

  • look after Daniel
  • cook and prepare the meals
  • wash the clothes
  • housework
  • go to playgroup
  • take Billy to school and bring him home again

shall I go on????


9 Responses to “what the guys are saying”

  1. Susanne

    I had to laugh at the brain sucked into the computer comment. I haven’t quite heard it put that way before. :v)

  2. Leticia

    I think I might use the term “brain sucked into the computer” and relay it to my hubby! Good one!

  3. Denise

    These made me smile,lol

  4. Mary

    My hubby called me an internet junkie a while back because of the blogging…

    I remember not understanding why people wanted to spend time blogging way back when. I just didn’t get it.

    Hm. :O)

  5. Gretchen Hanna

    Whatever…I say keep on keeping on. It’s sort of the same way men don’t understand why women need to talk to their girlfriends on the phone. We need connection. 🙂

  6. eph2810

    You are too funny 🙂 – yeah we do other things, that is for sure.

    Blessings on your weekend and always.

  7. jen

    true Gretchen I couldne stop I have too many wonderful friends here

  8. supermom

    I do think I have a bit of an addiction going on here lol

  9. Alice Teh

    You’re perfectly normal, Jen. Perfectly normal. 😀

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