Wont Be Going Back

Im suppose to go back and see the doctor on Friday to access my itchy problem.

I got a bill on the weekend from them and even though Im on a low income bracket I still have to pay a fair bit.

So I wont be going back. I told Muzz and he was shocked too. I will keep using the cream he gave me. And my blessed cousin is going to try to send me some cream too. Thanks to both them.

The cost may come down in July the lady at the doctors told me but until then I simply cant afford to go. Just I thought Id let you know. Thanks everyone for your prayers and support.


17 Responses to “Wont Be Going Back”

  1. Alice Teh

    Dear Jen, I will continue to keep you in my prayers. You keep well, OK? Here’s a little Bible verse for you: But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) Hugs, Alice

  2. Denise

    I am very sorry to hear this sweety, will never stop praying for you. What is the name of the cream? Please take care, love you.

  3. Toni

    I would really encourage you to make your financial need known to the doctor. You do not have to go through his secretary. Just ask her to have him call you directly. If you let him know that due to finances you cannot afford to continue to see him, he might work something out with you, if only to write a prescription when you need it or to give you the free samples he gets from the drug companies. What’s the worst that can happen if you call? Really nothing too terrible. Praying for you, and knowing that even without any doctor, you are God’s beloved.

  4. Gretchen Hanna

    Hi Jen,
    I agree with Toni. If you are receiving any relief at all from the cream, it’s worth the battle to get some more. I always ask for samples when I’m at the doctor’s because we pay quite a bit out of pocket for our pharmeceuticals and for our overall care. Praying for your relief and healing and for God’s voice to be heard–whatever it my tell you. And, she’s right–you are God’s beloved no matter what.

  5. Murray Whittington

    I as well as pay half of the account if you want as I do want you to go and see the doctor for answers and then go from there, please let me do it I’ll be happy to pay half of the fee. and I am sure your blog friends would like to see results and something happen to help you.


  6. Liza

    What cream is it that they gave you?

    I wanted to respond to your first post about this but didn’t get a chance because I was at work. I know this is difficult. Whenever you’re getting discouraged, think of the Apostle Paul’s situation when he wrote in to the Corinthians (ok, i’d quote this through memory and paraphrase) “….God’s strength is made manifest in my weakness”.

    God bless you…


  7. kate5kiwis

    i think toni has a great idea.
    sending you love. X

  8. Amy

    I”m really surprised it was so expensive, I thought you might have had a community services card.

  9. supermom

    I’m sorry you can’t go again. I don’t want to know how much this back issue of mine is going to cost me. I have been there so many times now and my medical isn’t going to cover it

  10. Toni

    Aw Muzz,
    You rock!

  11. mrs. diamond

    awwww hun…. ((((HUG)))

  12. Barb

    What a shame it has to be so expensive. I hope the cream helps.

  13. jenz

    oh i am sooooooooo blessed to have so many people care about me
    thanks everyone

    Amy I do have a community services card i thought with the doctor being a locum hed made a mistake seems he hadnt

    Toni i may do that although i feel a bit cheated i dont think i should have to pay again i am going back for exactly the same thing. I also dont think u should have to pay again Supermom but thats the way it is i suppose. Muzz does rock Tonu im so blessed after all these years 🙂

    Im going to think about it. I can get hold of the cream Muzz gave me apparently without going back. The cream Muzz gave was hydrocortisone, Mind you I have to use it, Been a bit slack this week. Naughty me. Ill start using it again this week. Theres also the cream my cousin bless her is going to send me. Shes got me some Oilatum products.

    Thanks again everyone. You all rock!! And yes Ill start using the cream today and try not to scratch.

    HUGE MASSIVE HUGS to you all

  14. Gretchen Hanna

    Massive hugs right back.

  15. NMOTB

    That is terrible, the fact that you have to stay away from the doc because it is too expensive!!!! I agree too that you should make your financial situation known to the doc, maybe they can work something out for you. I really hope the cream works though~!

    Take Care

  16. Mary

    Oh man, so sorry it’s so expensive. Maybe there’s a better way, and God wants you to find it? Could you check at your health/natural foods store? So many times they have natural remedies for ailments, we’ve had a lot of success avoiding doctors and going that route.

    Glad the cream is helping, and we’ll continue to pray for relief…

  17. jenz

    Mary my sister suggested this too Mary might have a look

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