Tuesday Tackle

Posted On April 24, 2007

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Some time ago I put a barrier up to keep Daniel out of the kitchen. I dont like toddlers around me when Im cooking. Well the little climber has sussed out how to climb over. So for my Tuesday Tackle this week I made it higher. I might add I did this first thing yesterday (Monday) morning.


While I was doing it I had to move the fridge. So I could hammer the nail in. So I vacummed and cleaned behind it too. Its a bit better.
kitchen-5.jpg kitchen-4.jpg


10 Responses to “Tuesday Tackle”

  1. Erin

    I’m thinking my floor would look something like that if I moved my fridge : ( I just won’t look. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment. I love finding new people!!!!

  2. Murray Whittington

    Is Billy’s foot stuck under there permanently under the board like that?

    A good way to keep it a bit higher and to keep an eye on DJ.


  3. denise

    Great job, always need to find ways to keep your kids safe.

  4. Amy

    lol I SO Remember making one of those when my kids were little 🙂

  5. Angelika

    You definitely need a way to keep little kiddies out of the kitchen when you’re cooking! Good job. 🙂

  6. Alice

    Children grows very fast and they grow tall in a zip too! Good job with the barrier. I see you managed to see the ‘extras’ (vacuuming and cleaning) too. I’m off to bed now, it’s 10.30 PM here. Nite nite, Jen! 😀

  7. Alice

    I mean ‘do’ Jen! Not ‘see’. It’s time for me to go sleep. Haha!

  8. jenz

    LOL no Murray I wanted to show in my photo how it was up off the floor a bit now. Hes such a climber and nothing puts him off not even falling off his bookcase and giving himself a blood lip. Well just have to get use to it and not kick our toes on it when we go over. LOL Ive already done it several times

    Wow did you Amy I thought it was just poor people that put things like that up. Most people use proper shop brought barriers. Im pleased Im not the only one who saves costs and makes it myself

    Angelika Im so scared that if hes in the kitchen that Ive done this with all my kids. Id hate them to get into something they shouldnt or spill hot water in the cooking pot on themselves

    Hope you got a nice sleep Denise

  9. annaliza

    nice! now “climber” will be curious and stick his had underneath the barrier. ahh what we do to keep the kids safe…


  10. jenz

    Daniel hasnt stuck his head under but he does get his feet under while lieing on his back but his tummy is too well feed to get anymore under 🙂

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