Over coming His Fear

Posted On April 25, 2007

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Recently I read a blog about how beneficial books are for children.  I knew they were.  What I didnt know was that even if your child isnt at the point at sitting next to you or on your lap reading is still beneficial.  Even if that means he walks away in the middle of a story.  Daniel is slowly getting better hes always liked books but reading to him wasnt such a hit. Daniel will bring me a book and stay and watch while I read to him. Hes still not at the point where I could read word for word but as long as Im quick hell stay. I point out the things in the book I know will interest him.


The best book I got him from the library was about a train. We have trains running right outside our back yard and they use to scare Daniel. Hed run to Billy and I in terror and need a cuddle.  After getting this book out of the library he seems to have conquered his fear now instead of walking fast to get a reassuring hug from me. Hell stand where he can see the train and wave bye and say it too. Such a break through I should have got that book ages ago.


7 Responses to “Over coming His Fear”

  1. denise

    Good for you sweet friend, books are so wonderful.

  2. Gretchen Hanna

    My background is in speech therapy, and literacy is very important to me. Great job reading to Daniel–especially about something which is important to him. Another picture book, which is fun for the children is “Trains” by Donald Crews.

  3. Amber

    We’re going to the library today. I’ll definitely check into that book!

  4. Leticia

    I used to read to my little ones while they were still in my belly. I love reading and I am still an avid reader and I wanted my sons to grow up loving it also. They do! Every night, until recently (shame on me) I used to read them bible stories, or I would make a fun story which involves them and somewhere along the lines, Jesus is the hero! They still love those.

    Last night Jesus rescued them from a stranger in a park trying to take them to his car and home, by offering them candy.

  5. jenz

    arent they Denise I love love love them

    Ooooooooooooooooo Gretchen now Im excited you have a background in speech therapy. Billy has dyspraxia and dyslexia. I also loved English and Languages right through school and at uni. I would one day like to get my special needs papers too. I do try to pick books I think will interest him. Thanks I will look that book up next time.

    What a good way to teach them about stranger danger Leti

  6. Amy

    Books are the best thing out for childrens education. I did the same thing with my kids when they were Daniel’s age and now they are all bookworms and score highly at school.

  7. Gretchen Hanna

    My mom had dyslexia. I’m convinced it’s part of the reason she had such a poor self esteem (she’s been in Heaven for 8 years). She was never treated for it–no money and no access to treatment–and so always felt stupid. History boy has dyspraxia of movement in his gross and fine motor problems, but not with speech. He has a hard time planning motor movements from rock wall climbing to writing. We have months of therapy in front of us, but he’s such a great kid; I want him to have the confidence so many others don’t have. I’m staying home now, but I’m always surprised at how much I use my knowledge on every day stuff. Good luck with your ambition to get those papers finished. BTW, History boy actually gets in trouble for reading in school. You can’t win. 🙂

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