I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be – Bible Study Part 3

Posted On April 26, 2007

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I have done the last 2 studies but I was kinda shy sharing the answers

If you are interested in reading what I wrote go to first study and second study

From now on I am going to post my responses to the study here – I might even learn a thing or two if you comment and I might also inspire you to join in too, its not too late

I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be – Bible Study Part 3

Discussion Questions:

1. It was stated in the Lesson that God has made you “once, twice, three times a lady.” Where are you in this progression? Obviously we have all been physically born, but are you ‘twice a lady’? Have you been born again spiritually? This may be a private matter you’d like to discuss confidentially. If so, email me. If you have already received this gift, write a brief prayer of thanksgiving or testimony.

I was born again in 1998, 17th of May one day before my 28th birthday. It is a day I will never forget. I committed to the church I was going to at the time in Auckland. I remember the pastor being kind of worried because I stayed under the water longer than most. But upon going under I decided I wanted to see my Lords face before I resurfaced. I was blessed because I did have His face come into my head. I remember a friend at the time sang me a special song “Be still and know that He is God” and I was brought to tears. If I remember well I also shared my testimony and I was very nervous but as I got up to do it the Holy Spirit came over me and I was calm and He took my fears away.

2. Are you three times a lady? Has God given you a stirring deep within your Spirit to be a ‘deliverer’? Do you have a desire or are you already meeting a need in the life of the church, a particular ministry (such as jail ministry, food ministry, etc.) or perhaps individuals who share common issues?

I am a helper at the youth group. I also look after the preschoolers once a month while their parents are in church.

I also see part of my ministry life is at another church where I attend playgroup with my youngest. I am on the committee there. We take turns at doing activities, singing, and telling a story to the children. It has been a place where I am able to share my faith though these activities at times and where I can fellowship with other mothers.

In Auckland I was involved in the Sunday School teaching and was a bible in schools teacher. I also did the morning teas.

3. Do you ever get tired of waiting for that opportunity to do something worthwhile for God? Do you ever feel God is using someone else instead of you?

No. At this time in my life I feel I am doing enough. God has placed me in responsibility of two young boys (my sons).

4. What do you consider ‘worthwhile ministry’? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself mistakenly thinking it has to be Big to be Important?

No I prefer to work in the background.

5. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? If yes, what are yours? If no, here’s a good one from Ephesians 4 Ministry. Will you take it and come back with a response? Knowing some of you like I already do, I can almost pick out what your gift is before you say it. I can’t wait to see if I’m right!

I tookthe test and it came out as Showing Mercy followed by serving


15 Responses to “I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be – Bible Study Part 3”

  1. denise

    Bless you as you do this study, love you my friend.

  2. Cyndee

    Thanks for joining in! I hope that you are blessed by what you learn here. I love your story of baptism – the Lord answered your prayer at the beginning. Go God!


  3. Mary

    I followed your links and read all three studies, they’re very good!
    My results from the Spiritual gift test were the same two as yours!
    Love ya, from a fellow Mercy/Server,

  4. Alice

    Wonderful post, Jen. Raising children is such a high calling and I’m inspired by what you say as you mentioned that God has placed the responsibility caring for your two young sons. … seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33) Hugs, Alice

  5. Leticia

    I hope you don’t mind that I answer the questions to your discussion.

    1. On January 21, 2001, I was born-again.

    2. My desire was to sign for our church and become an intercessor, however, that is beginning to change. I am also a nursery worker.

    3. Do you ever get tired of waiting for that opportunity to do something worthwhile for God? Do you ever feel God is using someone else instead of you?

    No. At this time in my life I feel I am doing enough.

    4. A worthwhile ministry is continually praying for the unsaved.

    5. Have you ever taken a spiritual gifts test? Nope

  6. Diane J.

    I took the test and it agreed with others I have done over the years. My primary gift is Mercy, and Evangelism and Administration tied for second. I’m also strong in Teaching and Serving.

    Thanks for the link, Jen. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  7. jenz

    thanks Denise

    im loving the study Cyndee

    `its a very good study isnt it Mary

    Alice I remember being told God puts us in charge of his children years ago. They arent really ours they are His.

    I dont mind in the slightest Leti you should take part in the study its good

    thanks for visting Mary

  8. Nise'

    Thanks for sharing in this study. It is awesome. I love your testimony! I can tell just by reading your blog that you have the gift of mercy.

  9. Gretchen Hanna

    I still need to do my homework. Better get busy, hadn’t I?! I hope you receive my email. It is correct on your blog.

  10. thepreacherswife


    Thank you so much for your responses! I also agree with you that motherhood is a high calling and one we have to prioritize over everything else. We can get so busy doing ‘ministry’ that we overlook the most important thing of all, teaching our children to be lovers of Jesus.

    You sound like a wonderful mother!


  11. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen, that’s what I read in Small Acts of Grace too. (That’s the book I reviewed recently)

  12. Gretchen Hanna

    I soooo admire those of you who love and serve with young kids. I used to cringe when it was my rotation for preschool Sunday school! I thought something was wrong w/me–like I didn’t love God enough, or it would be a pleasure to serve those little ones. Acck! But what He showed me, is that I love singing and praying and working with those “miserable” jr. high and high school kids that everyone avoids. :O) Not hard to see that you would be gifted w/mercy, even though I just know you through blogging, I see that loud and clear.

  13. Miriam Pauline

    Thank you for sharing your answers. Bless you for wanting to serve the little ones in your church. I take my turn because mine are little (4&2), but I so prefer adults, lol.

  14. jenz

    thanks the prechers wife i love children

    good book Alice

    we all have different gifts Gretchen if we all the same who would do the different positions at church. While i like singinmg I think if i did that id scare everyone away lol

    Miriam my youngest is little too and I only do it once a month. However muzz and I are in the creche with him every Sunday anyway because hes going through a stage of not wanting to be in creche without mum or dad. I love preschoolers anyway and have my Bachelor in Early Childhood Education. I have always loved little ones. I help with the youth group too cause I see it as a way of being with my oldest son. However, I take Daniel and dont always feel Im very useful as Im keeping an eye on my little mischeif maker. The leader appricates me though shes told me.

  15. nspiredbyfaith

    I have really enjoyed reading your answers to the discussion questions! I absolutely agree with what you said about your children.

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