The Hiding Place – Wednesday Wordless A couple of days late





dj-and-the-hiding-place-5.jpg BOO

This morning when I told Billy



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11 Responses to “The Hiding Place – Wednesday Wordless A couple of days late”

  1. denise

    These pictures are so very sweet.

  2. Nicki G

    He he he! Very cute! Trust billy to want to try it too! That is the sort of thing his cousins would try too!

  3. Barb

    How cute they both are. Honestly, why on earth do we waste our hard earned money on toys when they have so much fun with things like this. (Love, love that baby’s little shoes.)

  4. Susanne

    Look how happy he looks! Adorable. And I like the one with his brother too!

  5. Alice Teh

    Aaaaaaaaaaawwww!… They are so cute, both Billy and Daniel. Look at Daniel’s amused and happy face. I can’t help smiling just looking at that little fellow. 😀

  6. Murray Whittington

    Both boys have made both of us so proud and they do love each other so much which is the key to our happy family, and the boys adore each other is a bonus key.

    a smile is like a sun shine with happiness
    a smile brings pride and joy in eyes expressing love and fun
    a smile makes a family so proud with happiness
    a smile bonds like cement with good company and laughter

  7. Amy

    lol what a cute photo!

  8. supermom

    Jason used to LOVE hiding like that. I have very similar photos of him. Sweet

  9. Toni

    Aw, Jen. Just want to cuddle ’em up. And your little guy looks like Randy in the movie A Christmas Story when he hid under the kitchen sink. Love it.

  10. jenz

    Im excited cause my sweet sweet sister visited me on here. Love ya Nic

    how true Barb

    I dont think weve seen that movie Toni.

    thanks for all the visits people I love seeing comments from all my dear friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. MamaDuck

    Ha ha ha, I love it! My little guy hides in a desk cabinet the same way too ;).

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