Sore Big Toe!!!

Posted On April 28, 2007

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 No laughing!!!  Or smiling.   Yes I hurt my BIG TOE.  But it isnt really funny.  Oh, ok 1 minute of laughing…  Now you have that under control.  I shall tell you all about it.
At about 5pm last night Billy noticed Daniel looking through a hole in our front deck.  He decided he would check out what he was looking at intently.  Shortly after this he called me.  Hed found where all of Daniels bottles had disappeared to.  The little rascal had posted them in the hole and they were under the house.

Billy offered to crawl under and get them.  He also found some large boards of wood that he thought I would appricate.  He pushed them out one by one from under the house.  I put one over the holes so we wont lose the bottles, or toys or spoons anymore.  As he was pushing the last board out I was standing by the side of the house and the board ran into my foot.  “STOP” I cried.  It had taken the skin off the end of my toe and cracked the toe nail.  I was in P A I N !!!

Billy quickly got out from under the house and came to see what was wrong with me.  When he saw the blood dripping out in big drops he apologised heaps.  He told me to go and sit on the front door steps.  I tried to put my foot down and couldnt.  He helped me hop and hobble to the steps where I sat down.  He got a cup of water and we poured it over my toe.  It wasnt too deep but was soooooo sore and bleeding.  I told him to go and get a plaster from our next door neighbour as we didnt have any.  (NB I must get some on Thursday when I go shopping).  The next door neighbour came to see if I was ok.  Bless her.  It was so sore.  Last night saw me resting it.  This morning its a bit better but still a bit sore.  I woke several times in the night with it.

Today sees me away from my desk.  Im going to a training day at a church.  We are required to attend training meetings when we hold positions at church.  I praise God because Hes made my toe ok enough to drive.  In the middle of the night I decided if it was as sore as it was I wouldnt be able to go.  I guess God wants me too.  God answers prayer.


10 Responses to “Sore Big Toe!!!”

  1. Diane J.

    No laughing or smiling here. I’ve peeled back my toenails several times, and ran a big splinter under my big toenail recently. NO FUN at all!!

    Bless your heart, I hope it quits hurting and heals soon.

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend, Jen.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Amy

    ouch! I bet that hurt. Yep I too remember my own kids as babies posting things through holes 🙂
    Hope it gets better for you.

  3. Gretchen Hanna

    I hope it gets better soon. Owwwie. Sounds like you have some loving sons, though. And a helpful neighbor. Good luck at the training.

  4. denise

    Bless your sweet toe, hope it gets better very soon my dear friend.

  5. Alice

    Oh my! I hope your toe gets better soon. I can’t imagine the pain. 😦 My mom hurt her toe before and it’s no laughing matter. It was swollen for days! Ouch!… Bless you, Alice

  6. jenz

    thanks dear friends

  7. Susanne

    Ouch. Hope it gets better soon!

  8. Mary

    Ow! Must have been barefoot? Glad you didn’t break it, but I’m cringing in pain after reading your account of it!

    Hope it’s much better today…

  9. Barbara H.

    Ouch!! That had me wincing. Hope it is better now.

  10. supermom

    OUCH. I hope your toe is much better by now

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